Harriet Brindle
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Harriet Brindle (Character)
from "Small Wonder" (1985)

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"Small Wonder: Vicki's Homecoming (#1.1)" (1985)
Joan Lawson: [Knocking on door] Oh, honey can you, get that?
Harriet Brindle: Hi, Jamie!
Jamie Lawson: Hi, Harriet.
[Slams the door, on her]
Joan Lawson: Jamie, that was rude! That's not, a good way to treat your neighbor.
Jamie Lawson: I'm sorry, mom. But, she deserves it. Harriet's a pill and, she's nosy. What a waste of womanhood.

"Small Wonder: Look into My Eyes (#2.20)" (1987)
Harriet Brindle: Look into my eyes. When you hear the word "Harriet", you will throw yourself into my arms!
Jamie Lawson: When I hear the word "Harriet", I will throw myself in front of a truck!

"Small Wonder: The Fats of Life (#3.11)" (1987)
Jamie Lawson: [Patted Vicki's bloated belly] She looks, like a beach ball.
Vicki the Robot: This bud's, for you.
[Nibbles on a rose]
Harriet Brindle: How did, you get so fat?
Vicki the Robot: I got bit, from a bee in a bus.