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Jamie Lawson (Character)
from "Small Wonder" (1985)

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"Small Wonder: Vicki's Homecoming (#1.1)" (1985)
Joan Lawson: [Knocking on door] Oh, honey can you, get that?
Harriet Brindle: Hi, Jamie!
Jamie Lawson: Hi, Harriet.
[Slams the door, on her]
Joan Lawson: Jamie, that was rude! That's not, a good way to treat your neighbor.
Jamie Lawson: I'm sorry, mom. But, she deserves it. Harriet's a pill and, she's nosy. What a waste of womanhood.

Jamie Lawson: [after Ted, shows Joan and Jamie Vicki's insides] She's got wires in there instead, of gizzards.

"Small Wonder: Chewed Out (#2.1)" (1986)
Jamie Lawson: Blow it out.
[Cigarette smoke, billows out of Vicki's ears]

Jamie Lawson: [after taking a drag] Do I look like, the Marlboro man?
Reggie Williams: No, you look more like, Virginia Slim.

"Small Wonder: The Lie (#1.7)" (1985)
Ted Lawson: [after Jamie bounces his basketball in the kitchen] What did I just say about playing in the house?
Jamie Lawson: Sorry, Dad. Bad habits are hard to break.
Ted Lawson: Well, if you don't break that bad habit, before you break something in the house, I am just liable to break something on your rear end.
Vicki the Robot: [In her robotic voice] His rear end gets the message.

"Small Wonder: Slightly Dishonorable (#1.9)" (1985)
Jamie Lawson: [Shows his previous homework to Vicki] Can you copy it?
Vicki the Robot: [In her robotic tone] I can copy anything I can read.
Jamie Lawson: Terrific!
Vicki the Robot: [Comments at Jamie's handwriting] This I cannot read.

"Small Wonder: Sibling Rivalry (#1.5)" (1985)
Jamie Lawson: Vicki, Vicki, Vicki. I might as well be invisible.
Ted Lawson: [bumps into Jamie] Sorry, Jamie, I didn't see you.
Jamie Lawson: I am invisible!

"Small Wonder: Look into My Eyes (#2.20)" (1987)
Harriet Brindle: Look into my eyes. When you hear the word "Harriet", you will throw yourself into my arms!
Jamie Lawson: When I hear the word "Harriet", I will throw myself in front of a truck!

"Small Wonder: It's Okay to Say No (#3.5)" (1987)
Jamie Lawson: Hi!
Ted Lawson: I'll bet you are!

"Small Wonder: The Fats of Life (#3.11)" (1987)
Jamie Lawson: [Patted Vicki's bloated belly] She looks, like a beach ball.
Vicki the Robot: This bud's, for you.
[Nibbles on a rose]
Harriet Brindle: How did, you get so fat?
Vicki the Robot: I got bit, from a bee in a bus.

"Small Wonder: Brainwashed (#1.13)" (1985)
Joan Lawson: [When Vicki returns, after been unexpectedly missing for some time] You scared the life out of us! Are you alright, darling?
Vicki the Robot: [In her monotonous robotic tone] I am alright, darling.
Ted Lawson: Vicki, where were you?
Vicki the Robot: [Remembering Harriet's instructions to lie] I was in the backyard or something.
Jamie Lawson: She must have followed me out.
Ted Lawson: What were you doing all this time?
Vicki the Robot: Scaring the life out of you.