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Quotes for
Price (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep: Episode 5 (#5.33)" (1968)
Jamie: Hey, have you seen Victoria?
Harris: No I haven't.
Jamie: Look, haven't you found her yet?
Dr. Who: No, I was hoping you had.
Jamie: But she was standing right beside us...
Dr. Who: No, no, no, no...
Harris: Doctor, it's Robson. He's trying to get away in one of the company helicopters.
Jamie: What?
Harris: I'm afraid he's got your young girl with him.
Dr. Who: Oh no. Oh no. Can I speak to him from here?
Harris: Yes. Price, switch to RT.
Price: Yes, Sir.
Dr. Who: This one?
Price: Yes.
Dr. Who: [into the screen] Robson. Robson. Robson, listen to me. Can you hear me? Robson. Come back, man. Come back! Robson, don't you realise what they're trying to do to you? They're trying to control you!
Robson: Now, listen to me.
Dr. Who: Robson. Robson.
Robson: Listen! Listen! I have the girl. She is my prisoner. She is my hostage. Do you understand? If you want her to live, come over to us. Come over to us.
Dr. Who: Robson. Robson!
Price: He's switched off, Sir.

"Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep: Episode 6 (#5.34)" (1968)
Dr. Who: Back, Everybody, Back! Onto the platform.
[to Price]
Dr. Who: Switch it on, man! Switch it on! Oh! Hold that, Jamie!
[gives a portable speaker to Jamie and goes over to Price]
Dr. Who: Which is the connector switch?
Price: Wh-what?
Dr. Who: The connector switch! Come on! Switch on your speakers and point them on the creature. Point them at the creature! Go on!
Jamie: What's going on?
Megan Jones: It's not working!
Dr. Who: Give it a minute.
Megan Jones: It's not working, I tell you! We're finished!
Harris: No!
Dr. Who: Look! Behind you! Look behind you! The corridor!