Kate Summers Stratton
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Kate Summers Stratton (Character)
from "Silver Spoons" (1982)

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"Silver Spoons: Uneasy Rider (#2.11)" (1984)
Evelyn Stratton: I need to use a phone, Miss Sombers.
Kate Summers: That's Summers.
Evelyn Stratton: Right.
Kate Summers: The phone is right here.
[a fish on the wall]
Evelyn Stratton: That's a fish.
Kate Summers: [lifts receiver] It's a fish phone.
Evelyn Stratton: I'll use the phone in the limo.
Kate Summers: Suit yourself.

Ricky Stratton: If you're my friend, how come you stopped me from getting a motorcycle? I really wanted one!
Kate Summers: Because a real friend doesn't just tell you the things that YOU want to hear. I worry about you having an accident on that motorcycle, and I will not apologize for worrying, because I LOVE you.
Kate Summers: Well, I just wanted to tell you how I feel.

Kate Summers: In my opinion, motorcycles are very dangerous.
Edward Stratton III: I agree on the streets, Kate, but we're going to be using them off the highway in the country.
Kate Summers: But they're still dangerous. When I was 14 my cousin was riding his dirt bike through the woods, he hit a log, flew off the cycle and broke his neck. He was paralyzed for life.

"Silver Spoons: Spare the Rod (#2.20)" (1984)
Ricky Stratton: [breaks Kate's birthday present with his basketball] Oops.
Edward Stratton III: [grabs Ricky by the arms] Rick, I told you NOT to dribble the ball in the house!
Ricky Stratton: I'm sorry, Dad, it was an accident.
Edward Stratton III: It was NOT an accident, son, you deliberately disobeyed me.
Ricky Stratton: I'll pay you for it, you can take it out of my allowance.
Edward Stratton III: I ought to take it out of your HIDE!
Kate Summers Stratton: Edward, calm down!

"Silver Spoons: Me and Mr. T (#1.4)" (1982)
Edward Stratton III: Mr. T is the best, I don't know why you don't like him.
Kate Summers: Well, he scares me.
Edward Stratton III: Kate he's just like me and you.
Kate Summers: Edward, we don't have mohawks.
Edward Stratton III: Kate it's not a mohawk, he's a descendant of the African Mandinka tribe, that's how they wear their hair.
Kate Summers: Edward, we're in New York, it's a mohawk.