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Denise (Character)
from P.S. I Love You (2007)

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P.S. I Love You (2007)
[At the wake, Denise is cruising for men]
Denise Hennessey: Hi. I'm Denise.
Gay Man #1: Matt.
Denise Hennessey: I love your tie.
Gay Man #1: Oh, thanks.
Denise Hennessey: Are you single, Matt?
Gay Man #1: Yes.
Denise Hennessey: Are you gay?
Gay Man #1: Yes.
Denise Hennessey: Okay.
[With a smile, she walks away]
Denise Hennessey: [a few frames later, she approaches another man] Hi.
George: Hi.
Denise Hennessey: I like your chain.
George: Thanks!
Denise Hennessey: Denise.
George: George.
Denise Hennessey: Are you single?
George: [He smiles, knowing where this is going] Yes.
Denise Hennessey: Are you gay?
George: No.
Denise Hennessey: Are you working?
George: No.
[He looks up from his plate of food, but she is already walking away]

Denise Hennessey: [Denise is admiring Ted as he walks by] Ooohhh, he's delicious, isn't he? I'd serve coffee on that ass.
John McCarthy: Do you have to be so vulgar about men? Like they're pieces of meat?
Denise Hennessey: Sorry, John. I forgot you're sensitive about your flat ass.
John McCarthy: You know, Denise, that's why you're not married. Women act like men, then they complain men don't want them.
Denise Hennessey: Oh, is that why?
[fake smile]
Denise Hennessey: Oh. Okay. Because I thought it was something different. I thought that it was because I thought I deserved the best and he's out there. He's just with all the wrong women. And let me be clear. After centuries of men looking at my tits instead of my eyes and pinching my ass instead of shaking my hand, I now have the divine right to stare at a man's backside with vulgar, cheap appreciation if I want to!
Sharon McCarthy: Well said!
Denise Hennessey: I thought so.

Denise Hennessey: I hate cosmetics companies. They get you addicted to the perfect lipstick or nail polish and then, six months later, they discontinue it. You have to buy your favorite colors like you're storing up for the Apocalypse.

Holly Kennedy: I left without saying anything. He must think I'm an idiot.
Denise Hennessey: Well, you're an American. They expect us to be idiots.

Sharon McCarthy: You've got a fish!
Denise Hennessey: It's a fish!
Holly Kennedy: Okay!
Sharon McCarthy: Holly, grab the pole!
Holly Kennedy: Okay, I'm grabbing it... I am, I am.
Sharon McCarthy: Take it out of the thingy-majiggy. Hurry it up! You're not holding the ball. Turn the knobby thing.
Holly Kennedy: Will you stop being so butch!

Denise Hennessey: [finishes kissing Tom] What's my name?
Tom: Tom
Denise Hennessey: Where've you been?
Tom: With all the wrong women.
[he kisses her again]

[Holly's place is trashed after 3 weeks of neglect. Garbage everywhere. She doesn't notice, because she is singing along with movie musicals. She's wearing an old rolled-up shirt of Gerry's and his boxer pants]
Holly Kennedy: [singing along with Judy Garland:] And never a new love will be the same / Good riddance, good-bye!
[She turns and finds her mother and friends have opened her front door with birthday party gifts. They stare at each other in shock. Holly clicks off the TV. Her mother, Patricia, is aghast; her sister, Ciara, is grinning hopefully; Denise and Sharon are mortified. Ciara and Denise rally enough to applaud Holly's singing performance. There are assorted cries of Happy Birthday and whistles]
Ciara: You're thirty!
John McCarthy: [John enters] Hey, Holly, these keep falling out of your mailbox.
[He stops and frowns]
John McCarthy: What is that smell?
Holly Kennedy: I wasn't expecting company. Mom! Don't clean.
Patricia: I'm not. I'll just organize the garbage.
Denise Hennessey: We did try to call, first.
Sharon McCarthy: Are you drunk?
Holly Kennedy: [defensively] No.
Ciara: [cheerily] Do you wanna be?
Patricia: Ciara.
[to Holly, referring to a tiny bandage on her forehead]
Patricia: What happened to your head?
Holly Kennedy: Pimple.
Patricia: You're not showering?
Denise Hennessey: [Helpfully] Well, you always squeeze it too hard.
John McCarthy: What is that smell?
Holly Kennedy: It's me! All right?
Sharon McCarthy: Hey, hey. Don't be like that.
Holly Kennedy: [Almost in tears] Like what?
Sharon McCarthy: Like the only lonely widow in Gotham City.
Holly Kennedy: I'm not, just... really exhausted!
Denise Hennessey: Yeah, well
[nodding at the TV]
Denise Hennessey: , what are you doing, two shows a night?