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Jac Naylor (Character)
from "Holby City" (1999)

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"Holby City: A Clean Slate (#11.13)" (2009)
Joseph Byrne: Are you crying?
Jac Naylor: [unconvincingly] No.
Joseph Byrne: Yes you are.
Jac Naylor: Why d'you always want to see me cry?
Joseph Byrne: To see how far robotics has progressed.

Jac Naylor: Still a bit OCDC, Joe?

Joseph Byrne: You're taking Mr Frisby up to theatre?
Jac Naylor: No, we're going for a Chinese and then we're off clubbing.

Joseph Byrne: It's not going to work, Jac - I'm wise to your emotional manipulation.
Jac Naylor: Lucky I'm great in bed then, isn't it?

"Holby City: Enemies Closer (#12.26)" (2010)
[Sacha Levy has just finished a very public phone call to his mother while on duty on the ward. He is now staring at a patient's feet sticking out of her bedsheets]
Jac Naylor: It's a foot! I think you'll find her hernia and bowel operation a little further up.
Sacha Levy: You've been to medical school, haven't you? You kept that quiet.
Jac Naylor: Why don't you carry on trying to work out one end of your patient from the other and I'll deal with the rest of the ward.
Sacha Levy: Oh, thanks.
[he looks at the patient's foot]
Sacha Levy: I'd say that was swollen.
Jac Naylor: I'd say it needs a good wash.
Sacha Levy: Would you say that was swollen?
Nicky Van Barr: Maybe. Any blood in the sputum?
Sacha Levy: No.
Jac Naylor: It's customary here for the *doctors* to do the diagnosing. Although I'm sure you've already asked for your mother's opinion.

Jac Naylor: How long is Doctor Doughnut going to be with us?
Ric Griffin: Sacha? You got a problem with his work?
Jac Naylor: Yes - he doesn't seem to want to *do* any!

[Sacha is wiping a patient's vomit off his tie]
Jac Naylor: [sarcastically] Oh, nice tie. It's an improvement - it matches.
Sacha Levy: Oh, thank you. Shop said it was called a Naylor - comes with or without bile.

[Sacha is checking on a patient]
Peggy Seymour: Thief! Thief! Help! Call the police!
[Jac walks past]
Jac Naylor: Probably the reaction most women would have if they found you in their bedroom.

"Holby City: Bad Reputation (#9.43)" (2007)
[Dan, Jac and Paul are operating on an elderly patient]
Dan Clifford: So, Miss Naylor, have you checked out the patient's status?
Jac Naylor: Sorry?
Dan Clifford: As your next potential conquest.
Jac Naylor: [sarcastically] Hilarious.
Dan Clifford: He's just about the age for you, isn't he? He's worth a bob or two, by all accounts.
Jac Naylor: Blah, blah, blah.
Paul Rose: It's a bit of a come-down from the landed gentry.
Jac Naylor: Zip it, mini-me!
Dan Clifford: So what time's the funeral?
Jac Naylor: I wouldn't know.
Dan Clifford: Are you persona non grata?
Jac Naylor: I'm glad you find the death of an eminent surgeon the source of such endless amusement.
Dan Clifford: [to Paul Rose] She really is an ice-queen, isn't she Rosie?
Paul Rose: Positively arctic.

Joseph Byrne: No-one's ever wanted you, have they Jac, and no-one ever will.
Jac Naylor: Your dad did.
Joseph Byrne: That wasn't exactly what he wanted from you.
Jac Naylor: And what about you? You wanted me.
Joseph Byrne: Right up until I looked into that cold dead heart.
Jac Naylor: And yet as he lay there dying, thinking about me and what he'd be missing, rather than his dried-up old stiff of a wife or his spineless son, where were you? Holding his hand? Offering a last few words of comfort? Or locking horns with yours truly, trying to put a dent in my cold dead heart. And that's what really gets you, isn't it? You've got to carry that round for the rest of your days. If it was your father, we both know he'd shrug it off and move on. But not you - not the nail-scrubbing little worry-wart. You'll never shake the feeling that even on his death-bed, you were one big let-down.
[Provoked beyond endurance, Joseph hits Jac very hard across the face.]

"Holby City: Damned If You Do (#9.44)" (2007)
Jac Naylor: Don't mess with me!
Joseph Byrne: But it's such fun.
[Jac slaps Joseph]
Joseph Byrne: Will that be all?
[Jac slaps Joseph again, even harder]
Jac Naylor: Now we're even.

[Dan has seen Jac hit Joseph and wants an explanation from her]
Jac Naylor: The last few weeks have been rather trying for me.
Dan Clifford: They have been very interesting for the rest of us.

"Holby City: To Govern a Kingdom (#10.47)" (2008)
[Joseph is on the phone to a prospective wedding venue]
Joseph Byrne: No, I have no interest in hiring your establishment, with or without a bouncy castle.
[Joseph puts the phone down]
Jac Naylor: Lighten up, Joseph. I'm sure it's not the first time you've enjoyed yourself on top of an inflatable.

[comparing Joseph and Faye]
Jac Naylor: You are a stately home in the country and she is a motel off the M4.

"Holby City: Betrayal (#13.6)" (2010)
[Jac is attending her first consultants' meeting. Michael and Connie are discussing Hanssen's plans for cuts which may involve redundancies]
Michael Spence: Welcome to the grown-ups' table. Don't go crazy in the designer shoe department. Might be in for a nasty shock.
Jac Naylor: I'm not really a shoe kind of girl, Michael. Kitchen department's more my kind of thing.
Michael Spence: You surprise me.
Jac Naylor: It's the knives...

[Hanssen has brought a water-filled balloon to the consultants' meeting to demonstrate the use of a laparoscopic grasper]
Henrik Hanssen: Has anyone used one of this type before?
Jac Naylor: I have.
Henrik Hanssen: Excellent. I wonder if you'd be kind enough to demonstrate its qualities with this balloon representing a bowel.
Connie Beauchamp: Oh, you *have* come prepared.
Henrik Hanssen: Are you picturing me in a Boy Scout's uniform?
Jac Naylor: What's particularly special about this is that it's so sensitive it doesn't cut soft tissue.
[Jac grasps the balloon with the tool. It bursts, showering her trousers with water. Connie and Michael smirk]
Henrik Hanssen: "The greatest ignorance is the conceit that a man knows when he does *not* know". William Osler, an icon of medicine.

"Holby City: Open Your Heart (#13.19)" (2011)
[Jac looks up Sahira's career on the internet]
Jac Naylor: There you are: her last three jobs are all with Hanssen. If she's not shagging the Swede, then I'm Dame Kylie Minogue.
Greg Douglas: [ironically] You should be so lucky.

"Holby City: Complications Ensue (#10.19)" (2008)
[Jac's ruthless ambition has made her notorious. Connie very reluctantly accepts Jac as acting registrar in her own department]
Connie Beauchamp: You are very much on probation. I will be watching you.
Jac Naylor: I'll do whatever it takes.
Connie Beauchamp: Yes, that's what I'm afraid of.

"Holby City: Shifts (#13.1)" (2010)
[talking about Henrik Hanssen, the new Director of Surgery]
Greg Douglas: So, this new chief - what do we know about him? Single, married? Gay, straight? Black, white, Chinese, Eskimo?
Jac Naylor: [facetiously] Yeah, that's right - he's a gay Eskimo!

"Casualty: Strike Three (#31.3)" (2016)
[Jac and Guy trade insults as they disagree, in front of Connie, about the top priority in treating Connie's daughter, Grace]
Guy Self: What is the point of a functioning heart without a functioning brain?
Jac Naylor: Says the man who has neither!

"Holby City: Proceed with Caution (#11.34)" (2009)
[talking about Faye's and Joseph's wedding]
Jac Naylor: I'd rather be up to my neck in sewage than be at *that* wedding.

"Holby City: A Failure to Communicate (#12.51)" (2010)
[Jac has been deeply offensive to Ric in front of a patient and has belittled the patient's belief in homeopathy. Mark has withdrawn her job offer of acting consultant, but she begs to be allowed to stay on - if she makes a public apology to Ric in front of the team]
Sacha Levy: [gathering the team around him] Our new consultant's got a few more words she'd like to say.
Jac Naylor: [diffidently] Erm. Today hasn't been the greatest of starts. But I promise you tomorrow will be better. In the meantime I'd just like to apologise unreservedly to Mr Griffin for any comments I made in public that may have caused upset or offence.
Mark Williams: Ric?
Ric Griffin: [after a pause] Thank you, Miss Naylor. But I neither *need* nor *want* your apology, however sincere. This job should not be about ego or personal feuds - this job is simply about saving lives. You do that job, you treat your staff and patients with decency and respect, and we'll have no problem. OK, everyone, shall we get back to work?

"Holby City: Mirror, Mirror (#11.30)" (2009)
[Faye and Joseph are discussing their choice of flowers at their forthcoming wedding. Jac butts in]
Faye Morton: Joseph, I was thinking. White roses with some gypsophilia.
Jac Naylor: [sighs] Clearly there is something in the air.
Faye Morton: No need to be such a cynic.
Jac Naylor: What the world needs now is love sweet love.
[Jac reads from a leaflet about choosing wedding flowers]
Jac Naylor: You know, I just don't know if white roses are appropriate, Faye. It says here that they symbolise innocence and purity - that might be a little misleading. Oh wait, no, I missed a bit. It says they also symbolise silence and secrecy, so...

"Holby City: And That's What Really Hurts (#12.8)" (2009)
Michael Spence: I did not know you were into food, Miss Naylor.
Jac Naylor: You assumed I ran on batteries?

"Holby City: Losing Game (#13.8)" (2010)
[Joseph is holding his new-born son]
Jac Naylor: How is he?
Joseph Byrne: Miraculous. Who d'you think he looks like?
Jac Naylor: Churchill.
Joseph Byrne: What about me? Do I look like a father?
Jac Naylor: You look like someone who hasn't slept in 24 hours.
Joseph Byrne: He's got a pair of lungs on him. Cried all night, didn't you? Only just managed to get him to settle down.
Jac Naylor: When's the last time you ate?
Joseph Byrne: Can't remember.
Jac Naylor: We're going to get you some breakfast. Come on. You can put him down, you know. He's not going to run away.
Joseph Byrne: I know. It's just I've waited so long to meet this little guy, I don't feel like I ever want to let him go.
Jac Naylor: God, Joseph. If you're going to make me puke, can I at least do it on a full stomach!

"Holby City: On a Mission (#10.20)" (2008)
[earlier, Jac told Kevin Mathers that she had no time for "God botherers". She is now about to perform a very risky operation on a patient whose confession Kevin has been hearing]
Kevin Mathers: Will it annoy you if I pray for you?
Jac Naylor: Yep!
Kevin Mathers: I might do it anyway, then.
Jac Naylor: I'll do some extra sinning to cancel it out.