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Elliot Hope (Character)
from "Holby City" (1999)

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"Holby City: Proceed with Caution (#11.34)" (2009)
[Elliot introduces himself at Faye's and Joseph's wedding]
Elliot Hope: Hello. I'm Elliot Hope. I work with Faye and Joseph.
Lindsey Morton: So what do you do?
Elliot Hope: Surgeon. Cardiothoracic. And today I'm Faye's surrogate father. And you are...?
David Morton: I'm her *real* father.
[embarrassed pause]
Elliot Hope: You're her real father? Right. Good. That's interesting. More champagne?

[Elliot is giving his "surrogate father of the bride" speech]
Elliot Hope: It was a great honour when Faye asked me to give her away. Give her away? I could have easily sold her.
Elliot Hope: Joseph offered me five pounds, but I said I could get more.

"Holby City: Doctor's Dilemma (#10.37)" (2008)
[Elliot piles on the moral blackmail as he tries to persuade Jayne to pay for expensive anti-Alzheimer treatment for a heart-transplant patient who has raised a lot of money for the NHS]
Elliot Hope: He has no-one else. Jayne, he has no-one.
Jayne Grayson: [ironically] Great! Now I'm going to burn in hell *and* feel depressed.

Elliot Hope: Have you ever thought of getting married again, Connie?
Connie Beauchamp: [facetiously] Me? Get married? Yes, of course - I'm just waiting for the right billionaire cum Nobel laureate.

"Holby City: The Professionals (#12.4)" (2009)
[Elliot doesn't think that a locum consultant is necessary, but Penny suspects that he isn't telling her the whole story]
Penny Valentine: Is Geddes that bad?
Elliot Hope: No, that's the problem. He's borderline adequate. If he gets his foot in the door we won't be able to shift him.

"Holby City: Shifts (#13.1)" (2010)
[Connie is working late trying to get to the bottom of what is causing a patient's abdominal pains]
Elliot Hope: What are you still doing here? Go home.
Connie Beauchamp: Elliot, I have run bloods, echo, angiogram, ECG, cardiac enzymes, CRP, ultrasound. I mean, what am I missing?
Elliot Hope: Connie...
Connie Beauchamp: No, no, I won't let him win this. I refuse to let him win this.
Elliot Hope: Connie, when was the last time you were home in time to say good-night to Grace?
Connie Beauchamp: Do you know what? My nanny earns twice what these nurses do. It's about time I got my money's worth.
Elliot Hope: You know, you'll wake up one day and she'll be eighteen. And you'll have missed it. The best years. The magic years. And she'll want to know where you were. What'll you tell her? Go home, Connie.

"Holby City: Time and Tide: Part One (#12.33)" (2010)
Connie Beauchamp: It's *never* going to happen, is it? Mark Williams as CEO. What was he thinking?
Elliot Hope: Well I imagine he's...
Connie Beauchamp: As consultant nurse you can't fault him. But you know what he's done: he's gone looking for his libido and found his ego instead. I don't know why he doesn't do what most middle-aged men do.
Elliot Hope: Oh, he's tried that. Bought a motorbike.
Connie Beauchamp: No, no. I meant, go with a younger woman.
Elliot Hope: He's tried that too.

"Holby City: Attachments (#11.36)" (2009)
Elliot Hope: I've been thinking...
Connie Beauchamp: Oh don't do that. It might trigger a midlife crisis. And let's face it, you should have done that at 40.

"Holby City: Snow Queens (#13.11)" (2010)
[Connie comes into the office that she shares with Elliot]
Elliot Hope: Connie. I've just got the email. It's not *true*, is it? I mean, why on earth would you... ?
Connie Beauchamp: My dad - he needs my full attention. And I need a break.
Elliot Hope: But your work. Everything. Darwin. We need you.
Connie Beauchamp: I'm sure you'll find another bossy woman.
Elliot Hope: Who are you going to find to give you fashion tips?
Connie Beauchamp: Or financial advice.
Elliot Hope: Or guidance on rearing children. Who's going to scatter your papers exactly as like them scattered?
[Connie is struggling to hold back tears]
Connie Beauchamp: I'm really sorry if I behaved badly recently.
Elliot Hope: I'm sorry. I have, of late, wherefore I know not, lost something of my mirth.
Connie Beauchamp: I suppose the angina can't have helped.
Elliot Hope: Oh the angina's fine.
Connie Beauchamp: Do you not think you could do with a mid-cap?
Elliot Hope: Possibly.
Connie Beauchamp: I you keep it quiet, I'll do it for you.
Elliot Hope: I would like to get back in the groove. Regain my mojo. D'you think it would work?
Connie Beauchamp: Oh I think we'll get you through the assessment for occupational health. That's if you stick to the lifestyle changes.
[Connie points to a slice of cake. Elliot picks it up and eats it]
Elliot Hope: Call me old-fashioned, but I love stollen. So did you stick it to him? Give him one from all of us?
Connie Beauchamp: I insulted his height and listed his nicknames.
Elliot Hope: So you took no prisoners, then!

"Holby City: Quality Time (#8.26)" (2006)
[Elliot has just performed an emergency tracheostomy on Gina against her wishes]
Elliot Hope: Gina, I'm sorry. I couldn't let you go. I'll fit a speaking valve later - or maybe I'll leave it a couple of days so I can get a bit of peace and quiet!
Gina Hope: [murmurs] Thank you.

"Holby City: ...And the Devil Makes Three (#12.17)" (2010)
[to Penny]
Elliot Hope: Dr Greene described your performance today as "passable", which coming from him is a five-star rating, I can assure you. Well done, Penny.

"Holby City: Duty of Care: Part 2 (#9.52)" (2007)
Elliot Hope: I'll never forget the time Gina and I got gastroenteritis - together, believe it or not, Venice, October 83.
Mark Williams: I can just see the pair of you, chucking up into the Grand Canal.
Elliot Hope: It was our anniversary. I was never one for seafood, but you know Gina - she never could resist trying something different. Well that sea urchin definitely was... There we were, vomiting in turns.
Elliot Hope: Happy days. What is it they say? "You never get over it - you just learn to live with it."

"Holby City: My Bad (#13.30)" (2011)
[Elliot Hope is walking along the corridor clutching a bundle of papers and running through a checklist of tasks relating to a pioneering operation that he is about to perform]
Elliot Hope: Press Release - check. Local TV and radio - check.
[Elliot is startled as Hanssen comes up behind him, and he drops his pile of papers which scatter all over the floor]
Henrik Hanssen: [ironically] Stapler - check.