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Chris Larrabee (Character)
from "The Magnificent Seven" (1998)

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"The Magnificent Seven: Ghosts of the Confederacy (#1.0)" (1998)
Chris Larabee: You shot a lot of holes in the clouds back there. Anybody stop to reload?

Vin Tanner: It looks like a few more than we planned on.
J.D. Dunne: How many more?
Vin Tanner: The word regiment mean anything to you?
Chris Larabee: Would you like to come back when there are less of them?

Chris Larabee: [Buck has just fallen off the roof of a hotel in his underwear] Afternoon, Buck, interrupt something?

Mary Travis: Where did you come from?
Chris Larabee: Saloon.
Mary Travis: Wait, where are you going? I want to talk to you.
Chris Larabee, Vin Tanner: Saloon.

Seminole Chief: We greet you with great hostility.
Vin Tanner: [under his breath to Chris] Don't you think he means hospitality.
Chris Larabee: [looking at the chief] Nope, I think he means hostility.

Chris Larabee: [Buck give Chris a hug] Easy, big fella. People will talk.

Chris Larabee: Town always this lively?
Old Timer: Trail herd from Texas all liquored up... gettin' in the mood for a lynchin'.
Chris Larabee: Where's the law?
[pointing at two riders galloping out of town]
Old Timer: Marshal and his deputy. That isn't even his horse.

[weighing a gold amulet]
Bartender: Thirty five dollars, give or take.
Seminole Chief: This may not seem like much to you, but it's all that we have.
Chris Larabee: How many ghosts are there?
Seminole Chief: Would twenty men scare you?
Vin Tanner: I was makin' five dollars a week at the hardware store without anyone shootin' at me.
Chris Larabee: So if we pay five dollars a head, that gets us all of seven men.

Buck Wilmington: How'd you know I was here?
Chris Larabee: I make it a point of knowin' who's in town. Live longer that way.

[Ezra has just won a bet by placing six shots dead center in a playing card]
Chris Larabee: The first shot was louder than the other five.
Ezra Standish: What are you attempting to suggest?
Chris Larabee: The first bullet was real and the last were blanks.
Ezra Standish: Well, suh, I abhor gambling and as such leave nothing to chance.

[Mary has written a newspaper article which bends the truth about Chris and Vin's confrontation with a lynch mob]
Mary Travis: I'm just trying to scare the bad element out of town.
Chris Larabee: Lady, I *am* the bad element.

Chris Larabee: You didn't tell us they had a cannon.
Seminole Chief: You didn't ask.

Seminole Chief: [about J.D.] He is good... and proud.
Chris Larabee: Carve that on his tombstone.

Chris Larabee: I thought you said there were twenty.
Seminole Chief: No, I said would twenty scare you.
Chris Larabee: Twenty, no - Forty, yes!

[while the Seven prepare to leave the Indian village, Chris returns the gold amulet to the Seminole Chief]
Chris Larabee: Never could figure out how to split it seven ways. You can use it again the next time you're threatened.

[last lines]
[Nathan and Josiah join Chris and the rest of the Seven]
Chris Larabee: Ready, boys?
[The Magnificent Seven literally ride off into the sunset]