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Lord Palmerdale (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: Horror of Fang Rock: Part Two (#15.2)" (1977)
Lord Palmerdale: Are you in charge here?
Doctor Who: No, but I'm full of ideas.

Skinsale: I kept my side of the bargain. I gave you the information you wanted. I was a fool and a scoundrel but I did it, and you tore up my I.O.U.'s.
Lord Palmerdale: But what use is your blasted information if I can do nothing with it.
Skinsale: [chuckles] Quite. Rather amusing, isn't it?
Lord Palmerdale: I could still expose you.
Skinsale: Yes, but if the information is never used, where's the proof I ever gave it? Aren't you forgetting something else?
Lord Palmerdale: What?
Skinsale: I'm an officer and a gentleman, Henry. You're a nobody - a jumped up little money-grubber, for all your title. Besmirch my good name and I'll sue you for every penny you've got. So, good night to you.