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Quotes for
Slade (Character)
from "The Border" (2008)

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"The Border: Physical Assets (#1.6)" (2008)
Maggie Norton: [Slade runs into work, very late] Afternoon, Heironymous!
Slade: [smiles] Yes, it is.
[walks toward his desk]
Maggie Norton: [looking a bit concerned] Did something come up?
Slade: [Slade grins, but doesn't say anything]
Maggie Norton: Oh my god, you got laid!

"The Border: Family Values (#1.7)" (2008)
Slade: Calling Darfur a hellhole? That's an insult to hellholes.

"The Border: Gray Zone (#1.2)" (2008)
Layla Hourani: Is there a casino on the reserve?
Gray Jackson: I've never heard of one.
Slade: He would know. Wherever money is lost, our Gray can be found.
Layla Hourani: Really? You're a gambler?
Gray Jackson: In the old days, maybe. Not anymore. I'm serious. I gave it up.
Slade: Oh. So what about those, uh, "gaming" sites on your browser history, then?
Gray Jackson: Wait a minute. You monitor my browser history?
Slade: No, not, not just yours. Man, everybody's. I mean, Layla here just downloaded the entire first season of America's Next Top Model.
Layla Hourani: No, I didn't.
Slade: Oh, right. That was me.

"The Border: Articles of Faith (#2.7)" (2008)
Superintendent Maggie Norton: Did you clean up the video file yet?
Agent Heironymous Slade: Still recovering data. I got a license plate holder or maybe from a dealership.
Superintendent Maggie Norton: Ooh! If you can get me a logo, you got two dozen chocolate chunk cookies on your desk on Monday.
Agent Heironymous Slade: Semi sweet?
Superintendent Maggie Norton: Bitter semi and milk.
Agent Heironymous Slade: The holy trinity.