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Li Sung (Character)
from "The Incredible Hulk" (1978)

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"The Incredible Hulk: Another Path (#2.6)" (1978)
Dr. David Bruce Banner: Li Sung, I have a great need for this kind of control.
Li Sung: I think I understand.
Dr. David Bruce Banner: My wife Carolyn and I, we were trying to reverse my disease. We were almost succesful, but ah... she died. I've tried to control it many times.
Li Sung: Using your technology?
Dr. David Bruce Banner: Yes.
Li Sung: Perhaps you should try mine.
Dr. David Bruce Banner: Perhaps I should.
Li Sung: Good. Good, we'll travel together. Talk about life, death and Dizzy Gillespie.

Li Sung: I can feel it as sharply as you're seeing it, David. Fear.

Li Sung: Not a moment passes, that our world is not changing in some way.

Li Sung: The face of the world changes when friends depart. Changes...

Li Sung: David. You are as curious as ever.
Dr. David Bruce Banner: I was a little more worried than I was curious. Are you alright?
Li Sung: I'm fine. Complacent senility is useful to a point. But now it's time to use the brain God gave me.
Dr. David Bruce Banner: Craftiness is a side of you I haven't yet seen, Li Sung.
Li Sung: The less of a threat Steve thinks I am, the more we wil learn. I'll need your eyes if you'll lend them.
Dr. David Bruce Banner: Of course.

Li Sung: When I was young and first blinded there was a terrible rage in me. A tiny rage compared with yours. But it has taken me half my lifetime to control it.
Dr. David Bruce Banner: What are you trying to tell me, Li Sung? That there is no time for a cure?
Li Sung: I'm saying that perhaps you should leave, David.
Dr. David Bruce Banner: And what if I don't?
Li Sung: Then I'll use you selfishly to find the answers I need to know.

Li Sung: Your mind is like the sea and you can learn to swim in it, as deeply as you dare. But greed has no place in the heart of any man seeking the truth in himself.

Li Sung: I almost wish I could be going with you. We had good times together, on the road. Good talk. And my cooking wasn't that bad, was it?

Receptionist: Sir, please forgive me. I didn't know...I mean, ever since I enrolled here, I wanted to meet you. But we're always told you were in seclusion.
Li Sung: No need to be upset, Miss. Once in Chicago, I met Miles Davis. He's more impressive than I am, I can assure you.

"The Incredible Hulk: The Disciple (#2.17)" (1979)
Li Sung: Attitude is the answer. Reality is whatever you wish to make your existence. My bones can resist and break, or they can bend and observe the shock. My flesh can tear, or remain undamaged. Become one with your world. Fearful resistance is the first step to defeat.

Li Sung: So many nights I wondered how you were, where you were. And then, after so much time, we receive your phone call. Do you believe such things are a part of our destiny, David?
Dr. David Bruce Banner: Perhaps. I do know that nothing that I've tried has succeeded in helping me control my problem. I came closer with your teachings then ever before.
Li Sung: Then we must begin your training at once. Tonight.
Dr. David Bruce Banner: Something wrong, Li Sung?
Li Sung: Time is our greatest alley, and our worst enemy.

Li Sung: The force of Ku-kan, the power in each of us to command body and mind, is pure concentration. Ku-kan is a spiritual energy which we can focus in an absolute manner, to accomplice our goals.

Mike Roark: What are you going to do now, David?
Dr. David Bruce Banner: I think I should leave. Now that the Hulk has been seen, my time should be running out pretty soon .
Li Sung: Your demon's appearance would not have happened if I had not felt ill.