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Richard Maynarde (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis: Part Two (#25.9)" (1988)
Richard Maynarde: [praying] And I shall look after the sick, which reminds me: I return to Briggs his money.

Richard Maynarde: This is your tomb?
Lady Peinforte: Rather fine, is it not? But where is the statue of Nemesis. Where is it? Where?
Cyberlieutenant: Is this the human condition of madness, Leader?
Cyberleader: It is. Kill them.

Richard Maynarde: My Lady, where are your bones?

"Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis: Part Three (#25.10)" (1988)
Lady Peinforte: Always I have treated you badly. I've done you no service, shown you no kindness, and yet you risk your life to save me. Why so?
Richard Maynarde: Should I not?
Lady Peinforte: I do not live in the world of "what should," but you're a good man, Richard, and I am evil.

Mrs. Remington: Folks from the south are NEVER in a hurry. As a matter of fact I'm here on a visit, checkin' out my roots.
Richard Maynarde: Tis wise with crops this time of year, ma'am.