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Quotes for
Jake Tremont (Character)
from Dad (1989)

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Dad (1989)
Jake Tremont: Dying is not a sin. Not living is.

Jake Tremont: The world has changed, Johnny. You wouldn't believe how much the world has changed.

Jake Tremont: A good driver knows when he's not a good driver anymore.

John Tremont: There's something wrong with Mom's insides.
Jake Tremont: It isn't cancer is it?
John Tremont: No, it's not.
Jake Tremont: That cancer is a killer. Your Uncle Ben had five operations. Didn't do a damn thing for him. If they tell you, you have cancer, you might as well pack your bags.

Jake Tremont: [About a white shirt with black stripes] It's white.
John Tremont: I'm going to make an executive decision here. I'm gonna say it's colored. Okay, water: cold/warm, warn/warm, warm/hot. What the hell, we'll live dangerously. Hot/hot.
Jake Tremont: It's white.

Jake Tremont: In America, anything is possible if you show up for work.