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Quotes for
Frank Harris (Character)
from Cowboy (1958)

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Cowboy (1958)
Frank Harris: I thought I was gonna ride with some men. You're just a bunch of animals.

Senor Vidal, Maria's Father: I know Señor Harris, he writes poetry.
Tom Reese: He does?
Frank Harris: I used to.

Frank Harris: We rounded up most of the herd... that is, all we could find.
Tom Reese: How many head did we lose?
Frank Harris: Just over 200.
Tom Reese: That's a lot of cows.
Frank Harris: Yeah, it is. It's too bad. It's too bad for you.
Tom Reese: What?
Frank Harris: We found all my cows. It seems it was yours that ran off and got lost.

Tom Reese: Well, what makes you think you'd like to go trail herding?
Frank Harris: Well, ah, all my life I've been dreaming about going into the cattle business. Getting out on the trail and... and I hate Chicago. I'd like to live in the open. You know what I mean?
Tom Reese: Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. You mean lying out there under the stars listening to the boys singing around the campfire. And your faithful old horse standing there grazing at the grass by your side. You do much riding?
Frank Harris: Me? Well, I bet I could ride all day and all night.
Tom Reese: Oh, is that a fact? You know, I bet you like horses.
Frank Harris: Yes, sir, I sure do.
Tom Reese: Yeah, I thought so. Well, you're an idiot! You're a dreaming idiot, and that's the worst kind. You know what the trail is really like? Dust storms all day, cloudbursts all night. A man has got to be a fool to want that kind of life.

Tom Reese: How did you separate your cows from mine?
Frank Harris: It was easy. I used a crowbar.