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Professor Parry (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 1 (#5.1)" (1967)
Professor Parry: Stand by. Everybody down.
[Parry pushes a button which sets off an explosion]
Professor Parry: Oh no.
Captain Hopper: Well, there you go. You blast yourself one lump of rock and all you've got is another.
Crewman: [two giant doors begin to appear] No, wait a minute! Look!
Captain Hopper: Man you just blew yourself a pair of doors.
[clapping and cheering]
Professor Parry: Well, come on. What are we waiting for?

Kaftan: Fifty pounds for the first man to open the doors.
Professor Parry: Miss Kaftan, I must remind you that I am the leader of the...
[the Crewman rushes up to the doors, where he is electrocuted as soon as he touches them]
Captain Hopper: What happened?
Professor Parry: I don't know.
Captain Hopper: Well, one thing for sure, he's not gonna collect fifty pounds from you or anybody else.

Professor Parry: Hey, Toberman. Get that big head down!

"Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 3 (#5.3)" (1967)
The Doctor: Jamie, Victoria, Callum, wake up! Wake up!
Victoria: What is it?
The Doctor: [a Cybermat is crawling up Jim Callum's chest] Callum, Callum.
Victoria: What are those terrible things?
The Doctor: Don't move, Callum. Don't move.
[the Doctor knocks it onto the floor]
The Doctor: Now, get back to the controls, all of you. Steady. Don't make any sudden movements. Parry, Parry, wake up, Parry. Wake up. Wake up. Don't panic. Come back with us. Steady. Now, we'll all go in the other room and lock them out.
Victoria: [screaming] Aagh!
Jim Callum: Let's get out of here. The main doors.
[runs over to the main doors where another Cybermat is coming]
Jim Callum: No, look!
Victoria: Oh! Oh, Doctor, we're trapped!
The Doctor: Back against the controls, everybody! Here.
[picks up a power cable]
The Doctor: Give me a hand, quick!
Professor Parry: The what?
The Doctor: Lay this down on the ground. Come on!
Jamie: We can't move it, Doctor!
The Doctor: Come on!
Jim Callum: Well, let's blast the filthy things!
[begins shooting at them]
The Doctor: You're wasting your time. There are too many of them! Now, do what I say. Come back!
[the Doctor switches the power on and the Cybermats begin to die]
The Doctor: There you are, you see?
Professor Parry: What are those creatures?
The Doctor: Well, they're... They're a form of metallic life. They home on human brainwaves and attack.
Victoria: Urgh! Are they safe now?
The Doctor: Oh, yes, quite safe now.

[last lines]
Victoria: What about Klieg and Kaftan? They'll probably attack them as well.
Professor Parry: The testing room.
The Doctor: Now, come on. Mind your feet.
Eric Klieg: Most ingenious, Doctor. Now, let's see what you can do against this.
[holds up a Cyberman X-ray gun]
Jamie: Watch out, Doctor!
[Klieg fires]

"Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 4 (#5.4)" (1967)
Professor Parry: You've killed him, you murderer.
Eric Klieg: No, he is fortunate. I spared him.
Jamie: You mean you missed him.
Eric Klieg: Silence! I could have destroyed him if I wanted to. Shall I kill them now?
Kaftan: No, no, that will not be necessary. I'm sure the Cybermen will have a good use for them. You will make excellent experimental specimens.
[Jim Callum sobs]
Victoria: Oh, let me help him, please!
Eric Klieg: No tricks.

Jamie: [the Cyberman Controller is having trouble getting into the revival machine] He's too weak to get in.
The Doctor: Quiet, Jamie.
[to the Cyberman Controller]
The Doctor: You seem to be in trouble.
Cyberman Controller: The... energy... levels... are... low. We... will... survive. You will help us. You... will... help... us.
The Doctor: Yes, yes, certainly. Jamie, Professor.
Jamie: You don't mean to say you're actually going to help them?
Professor Parry: You can't support these creatures!
The Doctor: I think it best. Come on. Come along. That's it.
[the Doctor, Jamie and Professor Parry help the Cyberman Controller into the machine]
Cyberman Controller: Do... you... understand... the... machine?
The Doctor: Yes. One moment.
Jamie: Have you taken leave of your senses? Now, let's go and help Victoria.
The Doctor: In a moment, Jamie.
[to the Cyberman Controller]
The Doctor: Now, are you ready?
Cyberman Controller: We... will... survive! We... will... sur...
[the Doctor locks the Cyberman Controller inside the machine]
The Doctor: Now then, where would you rather have him? - In or out of there?
Jamie: Oh, I see what you mean.
The Doctor: Only we must make sure that he stays in there.

"Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen: Episode 2 (#5.2)" (1967)
Jamie: Hey, what on Earth?
Professor Parry: Behold, gentlemen, the Tombs of the Cybermen.
Jamie: Tombs? I don't see any tombs.
Dr. Who: [pointing] There, Jamie. Frozen forever. All their evil locked away with them. And so it must remain.
Eric Klieg: Like a gigantic honeycomb. Like bees waiting for the signal to arise from their winter sleep.
Dr. Who: A signal that they are never going to get.
John Viner: We'd better get busy, Everything must be recorded. It's too cold to remain for long...
Eric Klieg: Unless we find some way to warm things up.