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Dr. Phillip Gerard (Character)
from "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2000)

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"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Accused Is Entitled (#3.2)" (2002)
Nick Stokes: [as they are reviewing video surveillance] Looks like Raymond was disposing of the bodies for your client. You think he ran out of time before he could move Kim's out?
Dr. Phillip Gerard: Or Ray was disposing of them for himself. You've just supplied Tom Haviland with reasonable doubt.
Nick Stokes: No. What I showed you on video is Ray in the casino during the time the murders were committed.
Dr. Phillip Gerard: His zeal is clouding his judgment. It's not what did happen; it's what the jury will believe could have happened.

Gil Grissom: [to Gerard] What happened to you? You were a pioneer in forensic science. How many bad guys did you put away in Hennepin County?
Dr. Phillip Gerard: My share. How many innocent men have been locked away since then because of sloppy investigating shortcut forensics?
Gil Grissom: You look for mistakes in any lab, you'll find them.
Dr. Phillip Gerard: I shouldn't be able to, Gil.
Gil Grissom: Humans are fallible.
Dr. Phillip Gerard: Not this fallible: compromised blood, sweetheart deals...
Gil Grissom: No, no, no, no. You're subverting good evidence. These are good people.
Dr. Phillip Gerard: The accused is entitled to the best defense possible.
Gil Grissom: The accused is entitled, yeah. He's a movie star, that's why he's entitled. He's killed two women. You know it. But you're willing to decimate these CSIs so that you can spoon-feed a jury into letting him walk.
Dr. Phillip Gerard: A jury believes me because of my reputation just like they do you.
Gil Grissom: The difference is, Philip, I get the same paycheck regardless of what I testify to.
Dr. Phillip Gerard: I'm saying this as a friend. For the reputation of CSI, tell the D.A. to drop this, re-file down the road.
Gil Grissom: What about the victims' families? Who's their friend?
[Gerard doesn't answer]
Gil Grissom: My guys will see you in court.

Dr. Phillip Gerard: [to Grissom] You're not running evidence. Or have you changed your mind?
[Grissom doesn't say anything]
Dr. Phillip Gerard: By the way, tell your mother I say 'Hello' next time you talk. I was so impressed that night we all had dinner. The sign language... how you interpreted for her. Fluid, didn't miss a beat.
Gil Grissom: What'd you do, subpoena my doctor?
Dr. Phillip Gerard: Knowing your genetic predisposition for hearing loss?
Gil Grissom: You've become a bottom feeder, Philip.
Dr. Phillip Gerard: Your work is dependent upon your five senses. The fact that you're losing one of yours wouldn't bode well for any evidence you introduced.
Gil Grissom: You know, all those years I worked for you, you never got to know me at all, did you?

Dr. Phillip Gerard: Gil, good work.
Gil Grissom: My team did it, Philip. I got good CSI's.
[signs to Gerard]
Gil Grissom: Oh, and, uh, my mother says hello.