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The O'Mara (Character)
from "Overland Trail" (1960)

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"Overland Trail: All the O'Mara's Horses (#1.6)" (1960)
The O'Mara: You know it's been a great big mistake. The horses are back in the corral already. Just talk to my deputy.
Frederick Thomas 'Fred' Kelly: Which one.
The O'Mara: The one you didn't shoot.

The O'Mara: Listen, Kathy, I told you that I loved you.
Kathy: But you forgot to ask me to marry you!

"Overland Trail: The O'Mara's Ladies (#1.2)" (1960)
Frederick Thomas 'Fred' Kelly: I wish you would round up those four passengers. I'd like to keep the stage on schedule.
The O'Mara: What the devil do you think I'm trying to do? Those are your four passengers there.
[indicates four beautiful young women]
Frederick Thomas 'Fred' Kelly: Oh, no. Four women on a stage and Flip in the driver's seat? Oh, no, no, no...
The O'Mara: Look here, Mr. Kelly. Your company has a deposit of mine and I've got a contract that says that you have to deliver me and those four girls safe and sound to Nevada... or maybe you'd like to make a little trouble about it, would ya?
Frederick Thomas 'Fred' Kelly: Oh, no. No, I wouldn't have to make any trouble. No, trouble will follow us clear across the country like a calf follows a mother cow.