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Dr. Danara Pel (Character)
from "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995)

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"Star Trek: Voyager: Lifesigns (#2.19)" (1996)
Dr. Danara Pel: Sometimes I think my people spend so much time trying to save lives, they don't know how to live anymore.

Dr. Danara Pel: Where are we exactly?
The Doctor: On a planet called Mars, inside a primitive, land-based vehicle. It's called a '57 Chevy. Mr. Paris is quite an automobile aficionado. This is his program.
Dr. Danara Pel: What is it that we're supposed to be doing?
The Doctor: I believe it's called... parking.

[the Doctor has shooed off Neelix and the Gigolo]
The Doctor: I apologize.
Dr. Danara Pel: No. They were just being nice.
The Doctor: Irritating, isn't it?

Dr. Danara Pel: You are a computer simulation?
The Doctor: An incredibly sophisticated computer simulation.

The Doctor: By the way, Danara, I've been meaning to tell you.
Dr. Danara Pel: Yes?
The Doctor: I'm romantically attracted to you and wanted to know if you felt the same way.

[the Doctor is upset because someone has given Danara's body lethal nytoxinol]
The Doctor: We have to find out who's trying to obstruct your recovery.
Dr. Danara Pel: *I* administered the nytoxinol.
The Doctor: Didn't you know it would kill you?
Dr. Danara Pel: You mean kill her.
The Doctor: She *is* you!
Dr. Danara Pel: Was me. I don't ever want to be her again!

Dr. Danara Pel: You have given me the most extraordinary gift that anyone has ever given me. You... you brought me to this ship, where no one is sick and, and people are friendly. You've made me healthy, and beautiful. I don't wanna go back to the way things were!

Dr. Danara Pel: Before I met you, I was just a disease. But now, everything's different. When people look at me, they don't see a disease anymore. They see a woman - a woman you made, a woman you love, a woman you're not afraid to touch.
The Doctor: Danara, I was never afraid to touch you.
Dr. Danara Pel: Why? Because you're a doctor?
The Doctor: Because I love you.

Dr. Danara Pel: Thank you. For... everything.
The Doctor: Thank *you* for... giving me a name.

Dr. Danara Pel: I think it's best if we keep our relationship professional.
The Doctor: Well... I'm going to... try stimulating the posterior sciatic nerve.