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Sergeant Bingham (Character)
from Inspector Hornleigh (1939)

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Inspector Hornleigh (1939)
Sergeant Bingham: I wonder what he was?
Inspector Hornleigh: Hotel porter
Sergeant Bingham: Ah, hotel porter? I thought that
Sergeant Bingham: How do you know?
Inspector Hornleigh: This piece of chalk. It's got blacking on it. He used it to chalk the room numbers on the boots he cleaned. See?
Sergeant Bingham: Oh, marvelous! All life's problems solved.
Inspector Hornleigh: Well, I have been wrong...
Sergeant Bingham: Last week's football pools for instance?
Inspector Hornleigh: That! Why the whole of Scotland Yard couldn't deduce what Chelsea will do next!

Inspector Hornleigh: Ever hear of telepathy, sergeant?
Sergeant Bingham: Telepathy? It's-a-it's what we in Scotland call the 'second sight.' Ah-ha-lots of us possess the gift.
Inspector Hornleigh: Nearly all savage races have it.

Sam Holt aka Keyhole Charlie: Thick or thin, there's nothing I don't know about textiles. I can clothe you from the cradle to the grave, sir.
Sergeant Bingham: Oh, could you? Well you're a bit late for the first and a bit premature for the second.

Sergeant Bingham: Well, he says he's a traveling representative of the textile industry; and in my opinion, he's pretty strong in fabrications.

Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday (1939)
Sergeant Bingham: Can you not forget your profession just for 5 minutes and stop behaving like a prize bloodhound. I tell you, we'd have had a better holiday at Scotland Yard.