Turner Lair
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Turner Lair (Character)
from Around the Bend (2004)

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Around the Bend (2004)
Turner Lair: You're tense. You get that from your mother's people.

Jason Lair: You called me TENSE!
Turner Lair: You called me THIEF!
Jason Lair: You WERE a thief!
Turner Lair: You were tense. You still are.

Turner Lair: She was... my breath. When she died, I had no... breath anymore. You understand?

Jason Lair: No, he sent us here so I could forgive you. That's all my post-it said was, "Forgive him." What am I forgiving you for, Turner? Huh? What am I forgiving you for?
Turner Lair: What happened here... there's no forgiveness.
Jason Lair: What happened on the stairway, Turner? Just tell me, what happened on the stairway?
Turner Lair: You were not in the car.
Jason Lair: What?
Turner Lair: With your mother. You were never in a car accident.
Jason Lair: What'd you do? Did you drop me? Is that it? You get fucked up? You get fucked up and you dropped me?
Turner Lair: Fucked up? I WAS GONE!
Jason Lair: Just... say it! Say it! Say it! You dropped me! Say it.
Turner Lair: No... no. No! NO! Nobody dropped you! GET IT? I threw you, kid. I threw my boy... I threw my boy.

Turner Lair: [His last lines] Goin' to the rock. It's where you come from. The woman I made love with on that rock... was your mother.

Zach Lair: Who are you?
Turner Lair: Granddad. That's how it works.
Zach Lair: You're not dead any more.

Cowboy: Tell your kid to stay away from my fucking dog!
Turner Lair: ...Stares at him in disbeleaf...
Cowboy: What? What are you lookin' at?
Turner Lair: How much is he?
Cowboy: What?
Turner Lair: Your dog?
Cowboy: Fuck you! He ain't for sale
Turner Lair: I'd like to buy him anyway!
Cowboy: Mister! You ask me one more time, someone else will end up with your goddam social security!