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Quotes for
Jack (Character)
from The Immortals (1995)

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The Immortals (1995)
Jack: How the hell are you?
Dominic: Oh, you look pretty good for a dead man Jack.
Jack: You know Dom, knowing you're dead can be a very liberating experience.

Jack: Well you know, taking money from this organization and leaving them alive makes for a very shady future.
Dominic: You fucking ingrate!
Jack: Dominic, don't hurt my feelings.

[first lines]
Jack: And in exchange for this unbelievable opportunity I'm giving you, I will ask each of you for one favor someday. If any here thinks there's even the slightest possible of not returning that favor, they should be out that goddamn door so fast, that their ass catches fire.

Jack: Time is of the absolute essence. And it's the only thing you can never get back.

Jack: I will not be a pawn any more. I am a king!
Dominic: If only for a day.
[gun fire]

Mifune: Did it all go as planned?
Jack: Well, I would have preferred not to have been shot in the face, but all *ended* as planned.

[last lines]
Jack: [George seeing pregnant couple] Come on George.