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Quotes for
Dooley (Character)
from Dollar for the Dead (1998) (TV)

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Dollar for the Dead (1998) (TV)
Dooley: I don't mean to pry or nothing, but it's just... I wonder how a man gets such bad enemies.
Cowboy: I never had any good ones.

Dooley: I reckon we ought to bury him.
Cowboy: You find the head and I'll bury the rest of him.
Dooley: I guess the buzzards got to eat too. Old Colby, he was once a friend.
Cowboy: And once he wasn't.

Dooley: I can't say he looks any worse for being dead.

Dooley: You don't talk much, do you?
Cowboy: Nope.
Dooley: Is it me?
Cowboy: It might get to be.
Dooley: And when you're alone, do you talk to yourself?
Cowboy: Yep, and I have the good sense to know when to shut up.
Dooley: Well, what do you talk about?
Cowboy: No one else finds me this facinating. Why you?
Dooley: Well, it ain't because you're so facinating. It's just that you're the only one here.

Dooley: You're a hell of a shot, Cowboy. But in the human being department, you barely meet basic requirements.

Dooley: Patience isn't exactly his strong suit.
Jacob Colby: What is?
Cowboy: Shooting people who make me impatient.

Dooley: You're pretty gun at killing.
Cowboy: It's not a talent I wished for.

Dooley: Why are them regulators trying to kill ya.
Cowboy: Religious differences.

Dooley: Where are you from?
Cowboy: No place in particular?
Dooley: Where are you headed?
Cowboy: Same place.

Dooley: What the hell would you know about a future?
Cowboy: Nothing, but I know enough about not having one.

Dooley: I know that after all we've been through it's gonna seem kind of dumb to you, but I think I'm gonna stay here.
Cowboy: The longer I live, the more I have to reconsider what I think is dumb.