James Durie
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James Durie (Character)
from The Master of Ballantrae (1984) (TV)

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The Master of Ballantrae (1953)
Jamie Durie: Now, one of two things, Irishman. Either we fight on the spot, or we be comrades. Which is it to be?
Col. Francis Burke: Cut each other's throats or be friends for life - either way, is it?
Jamie Durie: It makes no difference to me.
Col. Francis Burke: And how do we make the decision?
Jamie Durie: Heads, we fight.
[He flips a coin]
Col. Francis Burke: Tails. Good. I'm a wee bit tired at the moment.

Matthew Bull: I don't like his eyes. I don't trust him.
Jamie Durie: Well, that's strange, when I'm so fond of you.

Jamie Durie: [Watching Burke being kissed by several girls] Burke, come on!
Col. Francis Burke: Would you have me leave these poor, lonesome bits of depravity? I'm about to enrich the lives and experience of them!

Jamie Durie: [Seeing Burke being kissed by several girls] Burke, on your way.
Col. Francis Burke: Not again, Jamie. The dear helpless females want comforting. Where's the heart of you?

Jamie Durie: Burke, we've got to get out of here.
Col. Francis Burke: And what could be simpler? The guard could have no objection to that!

Arnaud: [Impressed with Durie's fencing ability during their duel] You've been studying my style, Monsieur.
Jamie Durie: I've a style of my own, thanks.

Lady Alison: [Angered that Jamie is choosing to join the rebellion] We'll fight if he has anything to do with it! Life is too quiet here! It isn't exciting enough! There must be flying banners, clashing swords, blood on the ground before breakfast!
Jamie Durie: You're going out?
Lady Alison: You won't be happy till you've torn us apart completely. I'll not stand in your way!
Jamie Durie: That girl's going to make a devil of a wife.
Lady Alison: [Turning as she's leaving] Your father had a devil of a son.
[Jamie laughs heartily]

Tortuga wench: [Running toward Janie as he arrives on the island and throwing he arms around him] Oh, this one's mine! He's mine!
Jamie Durie: [Sarcastically] Oh, darling, if only you weren't so shy.