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Quotes for
Mike (Character)
from The World's Fastest Indian (2005)

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The World's Fastest Indian (2005)
Mike: I said, what happened to the tread?
Burt Munro: Well, I cut it off. That's what happened to the tread, I cut it off with a carving knife, otherwise it won't be a high-speed tyre, would it?

Burt Munro: What's your name, young man?
Mike: McFarlane. Mike. Mike McFarlane.
Burt Munro: I knew a McFarlane. He used to sell milking machines in Timaru. You must be related to him because he was a total prick.

Jim Moffett: I told you, if it's a time problem, the old guy's welcome to use some of my time.
Mike: It's not a time problem, it's a bike problem.
Jim Moffett: Well, I think we ought to let him run. He came all the way from New Zealand to do this.
Mike: Jim, have you had a good look at his machine?
Jim Moffett: All I know is the man's the genuine article.
Mike: Yeah, but the bike is the genuine dinosaur.
Jim Moffett: Look, we carry the cans for the decisions around here...
Mike: And if he kills himself, and there's about a 100-to-1 that he will, we're gonna have a hell of a lot of trouble on our hands.
Jim Moffett: Yeah, sounds like we're a bunch of chickenshits, if you want my opinion.