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Biography for
Charlene Braden (Character)
from "Then Came Bronson" (1969)

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Charlene Braden, her maiden name was Sherwood. Her father owned the local grocery store, and she grew up working hard and learning the business. In school she had always been in love with that sandy haired farm boy named Clay Turner. Clay was two years older than her, and after she graduated from high school Clay asked her to marry him. But in 1927 times were hard in Colorado, Clay left town one night and was gone.

Two years later a good friend named Earl Braden, who worked as a clerk at City Hall, asked Charlene on a date, one year later they were married. As the years past Charlene kept reading about Clay Turner in the newspapers and hearing the stories on the radio. They did not have any children, and the memories of Clay kept her love alive for the magical Robin Hood, who was famous, rich and friends with John Dillinger.

After Ed turned in Clay to the police in 1937, she hated Earl and would not speak to him for 9 months, she felt that he and Ed did this to keep him out of her life. She started smoking and drinking. She had a brief affair with a doctor who lived in a near by town. By the 1960s she was an alcoholic and Earl took care of her and made her excuses to the town folk. Charlenes father died and left her the store, and Earl retired from his city job, to run it the best way he knew how.

After Clay Turners return from his 30 year prison term, he saw Charlene only a few times. He became good friends with Earl again, and helps him financially with the grocery store. Charlene died in 1973, from alcohol poisoning. Earl and Clay still reside in Olathe to this day.

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