Daniel Graystone
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Daniel Graystone (Character)
from "Caprica" (2009)

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"Caprica: Pilot (#1.1)" (2009)
Joseph Adama: [Puts on the VR band] Baby? Baby?
Tamara Adama: Daddy?
Joseph Adama: Tammy? My Gods!
Tamara Adama: Daddy?
[Runs to and embraces Joseph]
Joseph Adama: My Gods.
[Tamara cries]
Joseph Adama: It's okay, baby. I'm right here.
Tamara Adama: I'm so scared.
Joseph Adama: I'm right here.
Tamara Adama: What is this place? What's going on?
Joseph Adama: It's okay.
Tamara Adama: I feel so strange.
Joseph Adama: I know, but, but you're fine.
Tamara Adama: [Starting to get hysterical] It's not fine. It's not fine. This is wrong. This is so wrong. No.
Joseph Adama: I know, I know, I know, but the important thing is we're together. We can be a family again.
Tamara Adama: I can't remember how I got here, and I can't remember where I was before now.
Joseph Adama: It's confusing. I know this is gonna take some time...
Tamara Adama: This isn't real. This doesn't feel real, Daddy. I don't feel real, I'm not real, this isn't real, it's not real!
Joseph Adama: No, baby, Willie misses you. I miss you. We can be a family together. We can be a family again. We...
Tamara Adama: My heart isn't beating.
Joseph Adama: I miss you.
Tamara Adama: Daddy, my heart isn't beating. Daddy, why isn't my heart beating? Why isn't my heart beating? Why isn't it?
[Joseph takes Tamara's wrist and can only shake his head, mouth agape, as he tries to feel a pulse that isn't there]
Joseph Adama: [Rips off the VR band and struggles to catch his breath] My baby.
Daniel Graystone: I know.
Joseph Adama: She couldn't feel her heart. She couldn't feel her heartbeat!
Daniel Graystone: She'll adjust. She's probably very confused by everything. It's only natural.
Joseph Adama: No! No, it's not natural. No, it's, it's wrong. It's an abomination!