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John Kent (Character)
from Roberta (1969) (TV)

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Roberta (1935)
John Kent: Gee, I think it's swell!

John Kent: You don't appreciate her. I know she seems a little hard and sophisticated, but underneath she's a pearl.
Huckleberry Haines: And a pearl so I'm told, is the result of a chronic irritation on an oyster.

John Kent: [Last words] Where ya goin'?
Stephanie: Down!
John Kent: Now, why?
Stephanie: Because I pushed the button.
John Kent: But I want to talk to you.
Stephanie: That's what you're doing!
John Kent: I'd just like to tell you I love you. Je vous adore. Je vous aime.
Stephanie: Je t'aime!
John Kent: What does that mean?
Stephanie: I love you.
John Kent: Gee, that's swell.

Huckleberry Haines: What was her name? Gee, I could find her like that if I could only remember her name.
John Kent: Anybody else you know, you can't remember?
Huckleberry Haines: Yeah, but, I can't think who they are.

John Kent: They tell me in Paris, if you don't buy your gown from Roberta, you're not dressed at all.
Huckleberry Haines: I see. Nude if you don't and nude if you do.

John Kent: I didn't really mean that about a dumb foreigner.
Stephanie: I forgive you.
John Kent: Gee, that's swell.

John Kent: You speak English beautifully.
Stephanie: Long ago I went to school in England.
John Kent: Did you like it?
Stephanie: Oh, yes. I like the English. And the Americans, too!
John Kent: Gee, that's swell. I'm an American!
Stephanie: Gee, that's swe - , I mean, I thought so.

John Kent: Nice old duck, isn't he?
Roberta: Well, he isn't so terribly old.
John Kent: Oh, I didn't mean in years, Aunt Minnie. I meant I like him.
Roberta: Do you? Then, you're a good judge of men.

Roberta: Now, tell me about this young lady you wrote me about. What was her name?
John Kent: Eh, Sophie. She's given me the air.
Roberta: What?
John Kent: We had a row.
Roberta: Oh, I thought she'd given you an heir.

John Kent: Stephanie is swell.
Comtesse Scharwenka: What? You are her - lover?
John Kent: I've never seen such a place! No one thinks of anything but being somebody's lover.
Comtesse Scharwenka: Well, have you never thought of it?

Lizzie Gatz alias Countess Scharwenka: Do you plan, eh, fitting the ladies yourself, John?
Huckleberry Haines: What a picture: tape measure around the neck and pin cushion on the hip?
John Kent: I ought to spank the two of you.

John Kent: Why don't you let a guy alone when he's trying to figure things out!
Huckleberry Haines: She just wants to know what you're going to do.
Lizzie Gatz: That's all.
John Kent: I'm going home.
Lizzie Gatz: But, you can't! You're Mr. Roberta.

Prince Ladislaw: Madame would not destroy that will.
John Kent: Are you trying to say I did?
Prince Ladislaw: I will not say yes or not! But it looks queer, very queer!

Stephanie: Maybe we could be partners!
John Kent: No, no. You like it, you take it, Stephanie. I've got a football team to coach.

Huckleberry Haines: Well, so long. Tell the Countess I'll be waiting for her.
John Kent: Where?
Huckleberry Haines: Oh, either on the right-side of the left bank or the left-side of the right bank.

Huckleberry Haines: Mr. Kent's main idea is to design women's dresses the way men think they should be.
Miss Jones - Newspaper Reporter: And how do you men think they should be?
John Kent: Not so naked.
Huckleberry Haines: Well, he means that if clothes are to clothe they should clothe. It's more stimulating to the imagination if - clothes clothe.

John Kent: Now, tell me, eh, what paper will this be in?
Miss Jones - Newspaper Reporter: Paper? Why, I'm Miss Jones - I'm syndicated. When you talk to me, you're telling the world.

John Kent: Gee, you're swell.
Sophie Teale: John, you have a line that just sweeps a girl right off her feet.

John Kent: You've bawled me out for the last time. I've stood for all your knocking and criticism because it sounded so cute coming from such a little snip - and because I thought I loved you.
Sophie Teale: Oh, you thought you loved me?
John Kent: Yes and what a sap you've made of me.

John Kent: Give me a dozen brandies.
Bartender: A dozen?
John Kent: Yeah and line 'em up right here.

Stephanie: It's nice of you to join us.
John Kent: Now, don't try and high hat me just because you happen to be with a broken-down prince.

Roberta: Ladislaw is our doorman and a Prince.
John Kent: A Prince? Your doorman?
Roberta: A Russian Prince. If there were such a thing as a restoration, Ladislaw would be in line for the throne.