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Stephanie (Character)
from Roberta (1935)

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Roberta (1935)
John Kent: [Last words] Where ya goin'?
Stephanie: Down!
John Kent: Now, why?
Stephanie: Because I pushed the button.
John Kent: But I want to talk to you.
Stephanie: That's what you're doing!
John Kent: I'd just like to tell you I love you. Je vous adore. Je vous aime.
Stephanie: Je t'aime!
John Kent: What does that mean?
Stephanie: I love you.
John Kent: Gee, that's swell.

John Kent: I didn't really mean that about a dumb foreigner.
Stephanie: I forgive you.
John Kent: Gee, that's swell.

John Kent: You speak English beautifully.
Stephanie: Long ago I went to school in England.
John Kent: Did you like it?
Stephanie: Oh, yes. I like the English. And the Americans, too!
John Kent: Gee, that's swell. I'm an American!
Stephanie: Gee, that's swe - , I mean, I thought so.

Stephanie: I'm afraid she intends to start her screaming.
Roberta: If she does, stick a pin in her.
Stephanie: I'd rather use an ice pick!

Roberta: Where is Scharwenka?
Stephanie: On his neck!
Roberta: Oh, I see. Does he like it?
Stephanie: Not particularly. But, I don't hear him shouting for help!

Roberta: Scharwenka! Do you think she'd do something for my nephew if he asked her?
Stephanie: I don't think he'll even have to ask her.

Stephanie: Maybe we could be partners!
John Kent: No, no. You like it, you take it, Stephanie. I've got a football team to coach.

Sophie Teale: If I weren't going out with Johnny, I wouldn't be so particular. But, I'm sure he'll want me to have something that expresses my personality.
Stephanie: Suppose we have Johnny come in and help you select something? He knows so much more about your personality than I do.
Sophie Teale: Oh, no, no, please. I want to surprise him. You know, he's really just a little boy, in spite of his man-of-the-world exterior.
Stephanie: Yes, I've suspected that.

Huckleberry Haines: Is Miss Teale's personality in there?
Stephanie: Yes, right in there.
Huckleberry Haines: I'll go and torment her for awhile.

Stephanie: Here's a gown that might please you, Miss Teale. This gown has both chic and good breeding.
Sophie Teale: I'm more interested in the chic. I can supply the breeding myself.

Stephanie: What is it?
Prince Ladislaw: You are going to sing for us.
Stephanie: Oh, am I?
Prince Ladislaw: Yes.
Stephanie: All right.
Stephanie: They ask me how I knew, My true love was true, I of course replied, Something here inside, Cannot be denied. They said, Someday you'll find, All who love are blind, When your heart's on fire, You must realize, Smoke gets in your eyes...

Stephanie: It's nice of you to join us.
John Kent: Now, don't try and high hat me just because you happen to be with a broken-down prince.

Stephanie: [singing] I gaily laughed, To think they could doubt my love, Yet today my love has flown away, I am without my love. Now laughing friends deride, Tears I cannot hide, Sooooooooooooooo I smile and say, When a lovely flame dies, Smoke gets in your -
[breaks down crying]

Stephanie: Who's been running the business?
Lizzie Gatz alias Countess Scharwenka: Did you say running or ruining?

Huckleberry Haines: People in love are always quarreling with each other. Now, you take Liz and myself, for instance.
Lizzie Gatz alias Countess Scharwenka: Liz? Who is this Liz?
Huckleberry Haines: Oh, a little country girl from back home that I'm thinking of marrying. You know, big feet, dumb, simple, oh, very simple.
Stephanie: Well the simple and the dumb ones make the best wives sometimes.

Lizzie Gatz alias Countess Scharwenka: The fashion show next week will be a colossal flop!
Huckleberry Haines: Maybe we should call off the fashion show.
Lizzie Gatz alias Countess Scharwenka: Oh, I think so.
Stephanie: We might better put on a good one!
Huckleberry Haines: Now, you're talking, Stephanie! We'll put on a better than good one and we'll give them some entertainment, too.
Lizzie Gatz alias Countess Scharwenka: How about your band?
Huckleberry Haines: That's a great idea! We'll bring over my band...
Stephanie: A musical fashion show!
Huckleberry Haines: Yeah, that's it!
Lizzie Gatz alias Countess Scharwenka: Marvelous!

Stephanie: [singing] Lovely to look at, Delightful to know and heaven to kiss. A combination like this, Is quite my most impossible scheme come true, Imagine finding a dream like you! You're lovely to look at, It's thrilling to hold you terribly tight. For we're together, the moon is new, And oh, it's lovely to look at you tonight!
Wabash Indianians Band: [singing] You're lovely to look at...