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Dave Spencer (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: Get Carter (#10.13)" (2004)
Dave Spencer: So how was your pancake-juju thing?
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: My what?
Dave Spencer: Your surgery. The operation you were doing this morning.
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Pancreaticojejunostomy?
Dave Spencer: You made that up, didn't you?
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Nope.
Dave Spencer: Come on, admit it. You have the perfect job for getting out of things. Who's going to argue with a surgeon? "I'm really sorry, I'd love to help you move this weekend, but I have to separate a pair of Guatemalan twins who are joined at the testes."
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Actually, a pancreaticojejunostomy is a re-plumbing of the upper GI tract.
Dave Spencer: That sounds painful. Can you get that from working out? Because my shoulder's been killing me.
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: I believe that's called old age.