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Quotes for
Hakon (Character)
from "Gargoyles" (1994)

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"Gargoyles: Vendettas (#2.46)" (1996)
Hakon: [to Wolf who's unconscious] You call that battle? You're a disgrace to the entire bloodline! Now it's HAKON's turn!

Hakon: When will it dawn on you gargoyle, you are dealing with forces you cannot possibly overcome.

Wolf: I got no intentions of sharing my body with a viking ghost!
Hakon: You half-wit! My blood already flows in your veins! You're my decendant. It's that link and our mutual hatred for Goliath that drew you to Wyvern in the first place! Now my supernatural powers have made you invincible. You'd be a *fool* to reject me!

Wolf: [to Goliath] Any last words?
Hakon: Not so fast, Wolf! If anyone delivers the deathblow to Goliath, it's going to be *me*!
Wolf: Dream on Casper!
Hakon: We're wasting time fighting. If we do the deed together, we can *both* have the vengance we crave.
Wolf: Now you're talking sense. Let's do it! Two against one.
Hudson: [Hudson arrives] Two against two!

Hakon: You can't elude me old one. Surrender now and I promise a quick demise!
Hudson: I was about to make you the same offer.

Hakon: I should let this machine crush you like the ant you are!
Hudson: Hakon! Clan slaughterer! Have you lost your desire for vengence? Have you lost your edge?
Hakon: No! I've got them both right here!

"Gargoyles: Shadows of the Past (#2.24)" (1995)
Hakon: [disembodied voice] You've finally figured it out, eh?
Goliath: That voice.
Hakon: [appearing] It doesn't matter, you'll never leave this cavern alive. Or *dead* for that matter!

Captain of the Guard: Aye and for 10 times 100 year, our spirits have languished in this stinking hole! Perhaps it was the magic of this place or maybe the just the strength of our *hatred* that kept us here!
Hakon: As much as we hated each other, we hated YOU a thousand time more! You sent us to our deaths, Goliath! And now you'll help us live again!

Hakon: We've hated Goliath for 1000 years!
Captain of the Guard: Nay! I've hated MYSELF for betraying him!
Hakon: Back off!
Captain of the Guard: And now I've been given a chance to atone!

Hakon: Don't leave me here alone! Not without anyone to hate!

"Gargoyles: Awakening: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1994)
Viking Warrior: Attacking a castle full of gargoyles near nightfall, this is crazy! And Hakon knows it!
Hakon: [Hakon grabs the warrior] No, my friend, that's not crazy. Questioning my sanity when I'm in earshot, THAT'S crazy!
[to his men]
Hakon: I say those gargoyles are naught but chiseled stone! And even if they aren't it's worth the risk for the plunder within! ATTACK!

Hakon: Not that I'm ungrateful for your help, but why? Why betray your own kind?
Captain of the Guard: They're *not* my kind!

[Having captured the castle, Hakon raises his mace to smash the gargoyles. The Captain grabs his hand]
Captain of the Guard: There's no need for that! You've taken the castle already.
Hakon: Are you mad? In moments, they'll be flesh again, and my men will be their prey!
Captain of the Guard: Once your band is out of sight, they won't follow! It's not their nature.
Hakon: Ah. Well, in that case...
[Hakon shoves the Captain against the wall, and raises his mace again]
Hakon: Care to discuss the matter further?
Captain of the Guard: ...No.
Hakon: I haven't lived this long by taking foolish chances.
[He smashes the gargoyles, while the Captain watches in horror]

"Gargoyles: Awakening: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1994)
Hakon: You said they wouldn't follow us!
Captain: If you hadn't destroyed the others!

Hakon: Your precious gargoyles have come, Princess.
Princess Katharine: The gargoyles? You're a dead man Hakon!