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Ronson (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks: Part Two (#12.12)" (1975)
Ronson: Sit down.
Doctor Who: Thank you. You're not with the military, I assume?
Ronson: I'm with the Science Division.
Doctor Who: Oh, good, good. Then perhaps we can talk without interruption from rifle butts.
Ronson: [examining the Doctor's confiscated possessions] That depends. If you don't answer my questions, I shall hand you back to the military. They take a pride in loosening tongues. Now, where did you get these things?
Doctor Who: Oh, here and there.
Ronson: If I didn't know better, I should have to assume that these were made by some intelligence on another planet.
Doctor Who: If you didn't know better.
Ronson: It is an established scientific fact that in the seven galaxies only Skaro is capable of supporting intelligent life.
Doctor Who: It is also an established scientific fact that there are more than seven galaxies.
Ronson: Indeed?
Doctor Who: Yes.
Ronson: Well, when you passed through our security scan our instruments ran a complete check on your blood and chemical make up, encephalographic patterns and so on. Physiological compositions. And so, if you are from another planet...
[he looks at the security scan readout and his face falls]
Doctor Who: [smiling] You were saying?
Ronson: There's nothing. Nothing conforms to any known life on this planet apart from external appearances.
Doctor Who: You can't always judge from external appearances.

Ronson: I'm sorry if they hurt you. I lack the courage to interfere.
Doctor Who: Well, you did save me from becoming the very first victim of a Dalek. Thank you.
Ronson: Yes, now you used that word earlier. It had never been heard before. And yet only an hour ago, Davros announced that henceforth his Mark 3 travel machine would be referred to as a Dalek. Now, how could you have known that?
Doctor Who: Well, I have an advantage in terms of time. You see, we've come here at this time because of future concern about the development of the Dalek. I think you're concerned too, aren't you?
[Ronson goes to the door to check no one is listening]
Ronson: Yes, I am concerned, and there are a few others who think the same as I. But we're powerless.
Doctor Who: Then let us help you.
Ronson: You see, we believe that Davros has changed the direction of our research into something which is immoral. Evil. You see, the Elite was formed to produce weapons that would end this war. We soon saw that this was futile and changed the direction of our research into the survival of our race. But our chemical weapons had already started to produce genetic mutations.
Harry Sullivan: And the mutations were banished out into the wastelands.
Ronson: Yes.
Doctor Who: The mutos.
Ronson: Now Davros, he believed that there was no way to reverse this trend and so he started experiments to establish our final mutational form. He took living cells, treated them with chemicals and produced the ultimate creature. Come with me.
[he takes them into the corridor and stops outside a door]
Ronson: Now, this is what the Kaleds will become.
[he presses a button, a shutter slides down and the Doctor and Harry peer through a window slit into a green-lit room where there's something clearly disgusting inside, snarling and slithering. They step back]
Ronson: That is our future.
Doctor Who: You've got troubles.