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Father Dufelt (Character)
from "The Black Donnellys" (2007)

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"The Black Donnellys: Lies (#1.5)" (2007)
Father Dufelt: [approaching Jenny sitting in the pew] Okay you outlasted me, you won't come in I'll come to you.
Jenny Reilly: Thanks Father, but I'm not here for confession.
Father Dufelt: You've been on your knees forty five minutes, I know a sin when I see one.

Father Dufelt: Undo your problems one at a time.
Jenny Reilly: Are you telling me to get a divorce?
Father Dufelt: The church still believes divorce is punishable by the flames of hell... I'd look into getting an annulment.

"The Black Donnellys: God Is a Comedian (#1.3)" (2007)
Father Dufelt: Before I can even think about giving you absolution, you have to promise before God that you won't ever do anything like this again. Can you do that?
Joey Ice Cream: [narrating voice over] Tommy didn't need to promise. He already decided there was never gonna be a good enough reason to kill anybody ever again.
Detective McCarthy: [to Joey Ice Cream] Are you saying Tommy Donnelly never killed again? Because if I look stupid to you, I'd just like to know right up front.
Joey Ice Cream: That was the plan. Tommy's plan was to make things right with God and save what was left of his soul. The problem was he thought he could do that and still take care of his brothers. Which of course was the same plan that got him into all this trouble to begin with. Which meant he had to get Jimmy into rehab.

"The Black Donnellys: In Each One a Savior (#1.8)" (2007)
Joey Ice Cream: We turned The Firecracker into the hottest place in town.
Father Dufelt: [interrupting] Joey!
Joey Ice Cream: What?
Father Dufelt: I've lived in the neighborhood forty years. And I still live there. The Firecracker's, The Firecracker.
Joey Ice Cream: [back pedaling after being caught in the lie] Oh, yeah. No, uh it wasn't The Firecracker at all. It was this other place I was thinking about, we took over a long time after.
Father Dufelt: Took over?
Joey Ice Cream: I mean bought.