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Thomas J. Harper (Character)
from "Free Spirit" (1989)

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"Free Spirit: Guess Who's Staying for Dinner? (#1.5)" (1989)
Thomas J. Harper: We're staying in separate rooms, of course.
Melissa Simpson: Actually, they're adjoining rooms. You know, in case we find it necessary to...
Winnie Goodwinn: Adjoin?

Melissa Simpson: Thomas, my sources indicate the woman doesn't exist. She has no credit rating, no social security number... no voter registration!
Thomas J. Harper: So she didn't vote in the last election -- look who was running!

Thomas J. Harper: Really, Winnie! The woman is still in mourning.
Winnie Goodwinn: I guess that explains the black bra.

Melissa Simpson: Thomas, can I be frank?
Thomas J. Harper: Please.
Melissa Simpson: You're very attractive...
Thomas J. Harper: Oh, thank you.
Melissa Simpson: But I hate the way you dress. Edgar was buried in a snappier jacket!

Thomas J. Harper: Melissa, I'm speechless.
Melissa Simpson: Good. Then I won't have to listen to anymore of your stupid jokes!
Thomas J. Harper: You laughed at my jokes.
Melissa Simpson: Hey, I cried at Edgar's funeral!