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Alex Sinclair (Character)
from "The Dead Zone" (2002)

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"The Dead Zone: A Very Dead Zone Christmas (#4.12)" (2005)
Alex Sinclair: What happened to forgetting about commercialism and searching for inner peace?
Johnny Smith: What are you, crazy? This is Christmas in America.

Johnny Smith: I thought you hated last-minute shopping.
Alex Sinclair: Who can resist taking down a couple of dishonest soccer moms?

Alex Sinclair: And I thought who else do you know that might be on his own this time of year?
Johnny Smith: And you thought of me.

Bruce Lewis: Oh, the next thing you'll be telling me there's no such thing as Santa Claus.
Alex Sinclair: You mean the fictional character created by New York City merchants at the turn of the century to encourage people to buy material goods?
Bruce Lewis: I can't handle this.

"The Dead Zone: Exile (#6.11)" (2007)
Johnny Smith: I still don't get it. Why all this happened and how. I mean, you showed up here because I called you. But I only called you because I had this postcard.
Alex Sinclair: So?
Johnny Smith: How did I get a vision off this post card if you never touched it?
Alex Sinclair: Photo by Wanda Purcell? Hey, that's you...
Wanda Purcell: Yup. Took the picture myself. Had the postcards printed too.
Johnny Smith: Wait a minute. Wanda... you made these postcards?
Wanda Purcell: Aha.
Johnny Smith: Do you know the day that your baby was born?
Wanda Purcell: Well, of course I do. How could I forget? It was 30 years ago yesterday.
Johnny Smith: Alex, this is a little bit weird, but are you ahhh... were you adopted?
Alex Sinclair: Uhm, I don't really talk about it, but... yeh.
Johnny Smith: She turned 30 yesteday, and she's adopted.