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Stephens (Character)
from Speed (1994)

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Speed (1994)
Stephens: First time in LA.
Annie: Oh no, I live here.
Stephens: No, mine. Oh that's just funny, you heard me wrong. Nah, I'm sight-seeing.
Annie: Oh, really?
Stephens: Yeah. I hate to use the word 'tourist,' but it's not like I can hide it...
Annie: Not really.
Stephens: [sigh] Did you know it took me three hours to get here from the airport? I got so lost. LA's one big place, but I guess you don't notice, seeing as you live here. I'm such a yokel. There, I said it!
Annie: Oh jeez. You know what? I got gum on my seat, GUM!
[sits on a different bus seat nearer the front]

[Traven spots the explosive device (it's huge); Stephens is relaying his observations by cel-phone]
Jack: Fuck me!
Stephens: "Oh, darn."

Helen: Are they going to help us?
Stephens: Sure they are, they're the police. Hey, your taxes are paying their salaries. We die, they gotta take a pay cut.

[Jack is helped onto the bus after trying to defuse bomb]
Stephens: Did you have any luck with the bomb?
Jack: Yeah, it didn't go off.

Stephens: [Dismayed] We're at the airport.
Ortiz: Yeah, so?
Stephens: I already seen the airport.

Stephens: It's okay. If you need to, you go right ahead and vomit.