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Baby Bear (Character)
from Shrek (2001)

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A Dirty Shame (2004)
Mama Bear: Hi! I'm Mama Bear. Have you met my hus bear?
Papa Bear: I'm Papa Bear, and this is our cub... Baby Bear!
Baby Bear: Grrrr!
Vaughn Stickles: Hi, I'm Vaughn. Welcome to the Harford Road area.
Papa Bear: When we take over, it's gonna be a...
Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear: BEAR-QUAKE! GRRRRRR!

[at the Bear house]
Cow Patty: Hi, I'm Cow Patty.
Vaughn Stickles: Hi, I'm Vaughn. I live up the street and I'm looking for my wife Sylvia.
Cow Patty: I'm the only Goldilocks allowed in this Bear cave. I'm a Bear Hag and we call this...
Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear: Bear soup!
[Big Ethel looks in at the Bears as Cow Patty notices her]
Cow Patty: Wow, a tranny bear. Come on in!
Big Ethel: [as she runs off] Police!

Mama Bear: Hey, polar bear, you know what an otter is?
Big Ethel: No.
Papa Bear: It's a bear cub who isn't fat or hairy yet, but will be!
Baby Bear: Find me a significant otter!

"Sesame Street: Telly and Zoe Pretends to Get Married. (#27.121)" (1996)
Telly Monster: So, This is called the player piano.
Baby Bear: You mean, There is no invisible pianist?
Ruthie: No, Of course not. You see, When you open slide door you will see what I mean. The notes to the song are this scroll. The holes on the scroll makes the keys go down.
Telly Monster: So that's how a player piano works.
Zoe: Now can I ask my question?
Zoe: What is it, Zoe?
Zoe: Will you marry me?
Telly Monster: Huh?

"Sesame Street: Mumford's Sheep Trick (#27.73)" (1996)
Baby Bear: So it was you, Mumford...
Colambo the Sheep Detective: HEY! Let me handle this. It was you, Mumford.
The Amazing Mumford: Yes, It was I, The Amazing Mumford.
Baby Bear: But why...
Colambo the Sheep Detective: [to Baby Bear] Let me handle this one!
[to Mumford]
Colambo the Sheep Detective: But why, The Amazing Mumford?
The Amazing Mumford: Well, I wanted Rosita to be happy.
Gordon: Ba-Ba-Baa-Baa-Baa-Baa
Colambo the Sheep Detective: Gordon says they want their voices back.
The Amazing Mumford: Alright, I will say the magic word: "Ala Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches!"
Everybody: [All mooing like cows]
Baby Bear: Wait! They are now mooing like cows...
Colambo the Sheep Detective: Let me take care of it. You better try again. They are mooing like cows.
The Amazing Mumford: Alright. "Ala Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches!"
Everybody: [Clucking like chicken]
The Amazing Mumford: NO! The trick didn't work. They are now clucking like chickens. I can't do this!
Baby Bear: You gotta keep...
Colambo the Sheep Detective: Leave it to me
[to Mumford]
Colambo the Sheep Detective: You gotta keep trying.
The Amazing Mumford: I'll do it. Come on, Concentrate. Alright, Here we go: Ala Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches!
Colambo the Sheep Detective: Alright, Now everybody say hello!
Everybody: HELLO!
[Everybody cheers]
Gordon: Hey, Mumford. That's fantastic. You kept trying and trying until you got it right.
The Amazing Mumford: Why thank you very much. Call me anytime.
Baby Bear: [Baas like a sheep]
Colambo the Sheep Detective: Now, Baby Bear is baaing like a sheep!
Everybody: OH NO!

Shrek (2001)
Baby Bear: This cage is too small.