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Chelsea (Character)
from Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007) (V)

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Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007) (V)
Chelsea: This is like a total cheer-clipse of the sun!

Carson, Ruben: It don't matter what we do. Music, baby, is our cue. Hands and shoulders, face so tight, all our moves will rock this fight.
Penn, Brooke, Chelsea: Our moves are tight, we move with ease. The moves we do will make you wheeze. So watch us strike our muscle pose, while you all prance and do-ci-do.
Carson, Ruben: That was cute, your pose was dull, but all of you have belly rolls. Once again we groove with flare, the moves we do, you wouldn't dare! So listen quick, while your face gets cracked, one, two, three your whacked!
Penn, Brooke, Chelsea: Your rhyme was fun but we're still good. We still can stunt, your from the hood.
Penn, Brooke, Chelsea: Hood-rats, good-rats, what are you called? The moves you do won't win at all. So listen quick - oops, you said that rhyme. one, two, three our time!
Carson, Ruben: Motions, motions, hear them roar. No one's knocking at your door. With no rhythm and with no sass, all of you can kiss our ass!
Penn, Brooke, Chelsea: Dance:10; Looks:3; the moves you do make us all pee.
Penn, Brooke, Chelsea: We laugh, we cry, we all say "HI!" but when you dance it's "BYE BYE BYE!"
Carson, Ruben: BYE BYE!