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Chip Russell (Character)
from "Major Dad" (1989)

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"Major Dad: Not with My Daughter You Don't (#1.19)" (1990)
Maj. John D. 'Mac' McGillis: I was going to let you see her anyway; all the scheming was for nothing.
[speaking of Chip dating Elizabeth]
Chip Russell: So it's okay with you.
Maj. John D. 'Mac' McGillis: No. You're a sneak, and I don't want Elizabeth involved with a sneak.
Chip Russell: Outstanding. So now I'm to throw myself at your mercy, promise to mend my ways, and beg you to let me see her.
Maj. John D. 'Mac' McGillis: Have at it.
Chip Russell: See, there's just one problem: I don't want to see her.
[gets up and approaches the office door]
Maj. John D. 'Mac' McGillis: Halt! You do so.
Chip Russell: Why would I?
Maj. John D. 'Mac' McGillis: Because she's bright, and she's pretty, and she has a great sense of humor, and you like her.
Chip Russell: You're right, sir.
Maj. John D. 'Mac' McGillis: Bet I am.
Chip Russell: But I've been around the Core for around 16 years and I know how officers are about their daughters. With all due respect, I really don't want to have to put up with all the crap. Sir. so, ah, tell Elizabeth I'm sorry.
[walks back to the door]
Maj. John D. 'Mac' McGillis: Halt!
[gets up from his desk and stands face-to-face with Chip]
Maj. John D. 'Mac' McGillis: How much crap will you put up with?
Chip Russell: Not much.
Maj. John D. 'Mac' McGillis: But some.
Chip Russell: Let's talk.
[sits down]
Chip Russell: I want unlimited freedom; no curfew, no restrictions, no questions asked.
Maj. John D. 'Mac' McGillis: [opens the office door] I'll tell Elizabeth you said "Good-bye".
Chip Russell: [Chip shuts the door] Major, this is a negotiation; you ask for the world, then you haggle.
Maj. John D. 'Mac' McGillis: [sits back down, too] You will date only on Friday's, curfew will be twenty-two hundred, and after you've been together for a month you may... hold hands.