Clyde Tolson
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Clyde Tolson (Character)
from J. Edgar (2011)

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J. Edgar (2011)
J. Edgar Hoover: It's time we at least have one thing the bad guys don't.
Clyde Tolson: Decorating skills?

J. Edgar Hoover: It's easy to be the expert if you're the only person in the world with any interest.
Clyde Tolson: He does also claim he can tell as much from a cut of wood as a doctor can from an autopsy.
J. Edgar Hoover: Ah.
Clyde Tolson: He has, um, social difficulties.
J. Edgar Hoover: He is mentally ill, isn't he?
Clyde Tolson: He's only as mad as you are - sir.

Nixon (1995)
J. Edgar Hoover: I want to see him.
Clyde Tolson: He works in the kitchen, Edgar.
J. Edgar Hoover: Not the boy, idiot. Nixon!