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Sgt. Howard (Character)
from S.W.A.T. (2003)

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S.W.A.T. (2003)
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Sometimes doing the right thing isn't doing the right thing.
Sgt. Howard: What the hell is that supposed mean?

Brian Gamble: [getting chewed out by Fuller for his stunt at the bank] That woman is alive because of what we did!
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Yeah, alive and suing the city for millions. The Chief said if he's gonna pay, somebody else does, too, and it sure as hell isn't gonna be me.
Brian Gamble: C'mon Fuller we get...
Capt. Thomas Fuller: [Interrupting] That's *Captain* Fuller.
Brian Gamble: C'mon Captain Fuller, we get two seconds to make a decision! You get two months to sit there and tear it apart!
Velasquez: SWAT means "Special Weapons *And* Tactics". Where were your tactics out there?
Street: Saving a woman from getting shot. That's where are tactics were.
Brian Gamble: Yeah, every cop in this department knows that we did the right thing.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Sometimes, doing the right thing isn't doing the right thing.
Sgt. Howard: What the hell does that mean?
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Sergeant?
[Fuller turns to Street and Gamble]
Capt. Thomas Fuller: You disobeyed a direct order, end of story. You're both off SWAT.
Velasquez: Captain. They're two of our best officers.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Well I'm not sticking them back in the field after a stunt like that.
Brian Gamble: [Becoming angry] Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know that saving lives was goddamn stunt!
Capt. Thomas Fuller: Hey, you've got a big mouth, and apparently you're quick on the trigger, and *that* is why your ass is in a sling!
Velasquez: Captain Fuller, if you're really gonna put them off SWAT at least keep them in the division. Give'em a shot at getting back.
Capt. Thomas Fuller: [pause] Fine, stick'em in the gun cage. Get'em out of my sight.