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Charles Craft (Character)
from "L.A. Law" (1986)

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"L.A. Law: Hand Roll Express (#2.12)" (1988)
Charles Craft: So... Not bad, eh?
D.D.A. Grace Van Owen: Oh, not bad.
Charles Craft: [proposed a toast] To you.
D.D.A. Grace Van Owen: To you. You're the one making the big move.
Charles Craft: To the quality of life, then.
D.D.A. Grace Van Owen: I'll toast to that.
[Toast to drink champagne]
Charles Craft: You remember we were in law school, we always said we'd open a practice together and change the world?
D.D.A. Grace Van Owen: And instead you married Terry, moved to New York, had 2.6 kids, and made a fortune in business law.
Charles Craft: Yes, hated every minute of it. We're Californians, Grace. The quality of life in New York, money notwithstanding, it's not what I wanted for my family.
D.D.A. Grace Van Owen: Well, I toast your courage, Charlie. It takes a lot of guys to start over.
Charles Craft: I didn't see as if I had any choice. 14-hour days, 7 days a week, no time for my kids, fighting with Terry what little time I spent at home. I was running myself right out of a marriage and right into a nervous breakdown. They don't teach us how to handle that in law school.
D.D.A. Grace Van Owen: No, they sure don't.
Charles Craft: Anyway, I got to tell you... You look terrific.
D.D.A. Grace Van Owen: I feel like I'm about 80 years old. You think the jungles of New York are a bitch, you should tried a couple years in the D.A.'s office.
Charles Craft: Follow me.

Charles Craft: [Grace sees what's new] You like?
D.D.A. Grace Van Owen: It's beautiful.
Charles Craft: It's got your name on the door.
D.D.A. Grace Van Owen: What?
Charles Craft: I'm dead serious. You've always had integrity, you work harder than anyone I've ever met. You're a terrific litgator. Which is exactly what I need to complement my strengths.Well... What do you say?
D.D.A. Grace Van Owen: Um... I don't know.
Charles Craft: No more downtown traffic jams. No more crowded elevators. You keep your own hours. Starting salary... 1 1/4.
[Grace laughs]
Charles Craft: Exclusive of benefits and bonuses.
D.D.A. Grace Van Owen: Charlie, Charlie, it - it is incredibly attractive and flattering. I'm just don't think it's realistic.
Charles Craft: Why not?
D.D.A. Grace Van Owen: I don't know. It just isn't.
Charles Craft: You mean you can't see yourself in ground-floor office suite with a patio, making some real money for a change, being a full partner... having a little quality of life?
D.D.A. Grace Van Owen: I just - I don't know what to say.
Charles Craft: Say you'll think very seriously about it.
D.D.A. Grace Van Owen: Okay. Uh... yes, I will.
Charles Craft: Here's to the future.
[Toast to the future]