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Minsc (Character)
from Forgotten Realms: Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn (2000) (VG)

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Forgotten Realms: Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn (2000) (VG)
Minsc: Make way villainy! Hero coming through!

Minsc: I trust those who prey on children no farther than they can be thrown, even if I manage to throw them pretty far!

Minsc: I won't cry for the dead! I won't! Well, maybe a little... but I will staunch the tears with righteous fury!

Minsc: What? Boo is outraged! See his fury! It's small, so look close. Trust me, it's there.

Minsc: Minsc will be free! These bonds will not hold my wrath! Butts will be liberally kicked in good measure!

Minsc: I have lost myself in your words but Boo thinks you're just ducky.

Minsc: This is silly! Buttons are not how one escapes dungeons! I would smash the button and rain beatings liberally down on the wizard for playing such a trick!

Minsc: I would hate being forgotten in a bottle. It might depend somewhat on the type of bottle, but overall I expect the effect would be similar.

Minsc: I do not like the tone of your voice, Dark Elf. The face I have is the face the ladies love! Boo loves Minsc's face, too! Don't you, Boo?

Minsc: Magic is impressive but now Minsc leads. Swords for everyone!

Minsc: Butt kicking for goodness.

Minsc: [before going berserk] Despair not! I shall inspire you by charging BLINDLY ON.

Minsc: Boo will have clean wood shavings, you evil bastards!

Minsc: You should have given a sword, give a man a fish and he feeds himself for a day, give a man a sword and he can chow down on the ,eaty marrow of evil!

Minsc: Go for the eyes, Boo, go for the eyes!

Minsc: The stronger they are, the harder I hit!

Minsc: Don't teach my hamster to suck eggs!

Protagonist: Ah, I see you still have that... rodent. Dare I ask how you have kept it hidden from our captors?
Minsc: Don't ask questions better left to aged sages. Boo is so quick and evasive and there is ever so much of Minsc to search, there is no hope of getting us apart!
Imoen: Eww, I... really don't want to think about that too much.

Protagonist: Are you talking to a hamster? What kind of warrior are you?
Minsc: I am the best kind of warrior! I am large and carry nature's favour with me wherever I go!

Baldur's Gate (1998) (VG)
Minsc: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, watch it! I'm huge!

Minsc: There is safety in numbers. And I'm two or three at least.

[To his pet hamster, Boo.]
Minsc: Go for the eyes, Boo, go for the eyes!

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal (2001) (VG)
Sarevok Anchev: Ranger, turn your rodent's gaze another direction! I will not be scrutinised as though by some ridiculous divining rod!
Minsc: Boo has an uncanny judge of character, but you... you give him trouble.
Sarevok Anchev: I'll give him more than that if this continues! I nearly conquered a nation! I will not be judged by a creature that stores nuts in its cheeks!
Jan Jansen: Hey! I resemble that remark.
Sarevok Anchev: Trust me, gnome, you do not want to partake in my wrath this day.
Minsc: Food storage aside, Boo controls himself far better than you do. Do you see him ranting about mere glances? Let's look.
Sarevok Anchev: What?
Minsc: See? No rant. In fact, now he is snuffling about for a comfy place to sleep. Admirable restraint.
Sarevok Anchev: I'm still in Hell, aren't I? This is insanity.
Minsc: Ah, finally a calming look comes across your face. Boo's handiwork, no doubt? Doesn't that feel better?
Sarevok Anchev: Let's... let's go kill something. Soon.