Bigtime Beagle
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Bigtime Beagle (Character)
from DuckTales: The Treasure of the Golden Suns (1987) (TV)

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DuckTales: Remastered (2013) (VG)
Huey: [in a cage] The Beagle Boys messed with your security system!
Baggy Beagle: Duh, yeah, we's taken over the whole place!
Scrooge McDuck: GAH! Me money!
Huey: Hey, don't forget about me, Unca Scrooge!
Scrooge McDuck: Huh?... Oh! Don't worry, lad, I'll save ya!

Baggy Beagle: [clouted on the head] Now that's what I call a stomachache!
Scrooge McDuck: You were hit on the head, yeh moronic marauder!

Scrooge McDuck: Step away from me fortune, yeh crook!
Bigtime Beagle: [puts on a helmet] Not this time, McDuck! You ain't getting the drop on this Beagle Boy!

[Magica takes Huey, Dewey and Louie from the Beagle Boys]
Bigtime Beagle: Hey, dem's is our hostages! Find your own!
Magica De Spell: Quiet, PIG-gle boys!
[turns the Beagle Boys into swine]

"DuckTales: My Mother the Psychic (#2.15)" (1989)
Bigtime Beagle: [after Baggy and Burger Beagle have caught Mrs. Crackshell in a sack] Good work boys, I've been wanting to throw a bag over that old bag all day.

"DuckTales: The Bride Wore Stripes (#2.24)" (1989)
Bigtime Beagle: What are we gonna do, Daddy Scroogey?
Burger Beagle: Yeah, nothing personal, but we hates living here.
Scrooge McDuck: I hate having you here. But I'm afraid your mother and I are in this 'til death do us part...
[rubs his hands together]
Scrooge McDuck: Which suddenly gives me a perfectly demented idea.
Burger Beagle: Ooh, those are our favorite kind!

"DuckTales: Send in the Clones (#1.44)" (1987)
Bigtime Beagle: Hey, Babyface, get this crazed dame offa me!
Mrs. Bentina Beakley: That's the last movie you go to! The language you come back with!