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Michael Patterson (Character)
from For Better or for Worse: A Storm in April (1996) (TV)

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For Better or for Worse: A Storm in April (1996) (TV)
Elly Patterson: It was a little after midnight on the first day of April.
Elizabeth Patterson: April fools!
Michael Patterson: April fools us all.

For Better or for Worse: The Babe Magnet (1994) (TV)
Michael Patterson: [Escorting April and her playmates to the restaurant] What am I doing dragging a bunch of kids around?, I probably look like a total bozo!
[to a clown statue]
Michael Patterson: Uh, no offense

For Better or for Worse: A Valentine from the Heart (1993) (TV)
Michael Patterson: So... good old Jennings strikes again.
Lawrence Poirier: What a bummer! What gives him the right to cancel the Valentine's Day dance?
Martha McRae: [sarcastically] Gee, I don't know! It might have been the "slight disturbance" last year?
Michael Patterson: Oh, right! Like Jennings never emptied a fire extinguisher in the girls' washroom!
[Michael, Lawrence and Gordon high-five]