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Quotes for
Riana (Character)
from "Spellbinder" (1995)

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"Spellbinder: It Isn't Magic, It's Science (#1.4)" (1997)
Bron: Did you see that? My nephew drove off the marauders. Isn't he a marvel?
Gryvon: Using magic is forbidden.
Riana: It wasn't magic, it's science.

[Riana comes to wake up Paul, who has been sleeping in the barn]
Riana: Paul.
Paul: I'm tired, dad, let me go back to sleep.
Riana: Paul, it's Riana. It's time for work.
Paul: I'm not old enough to go to work.
Riana: Everyone who eats must work. It's the law.
Paul: Riana, it's still dark.
Riana: By the time you dress and have breakfast, it won't be.

Paul: Why don't these Spellbinders let you have anything new? In my world, nearly all farming is done with machines.
Riana: What is "machines"?
Paul: You're complicated tools that make life easier. Like in my world, we don't have to walk everywhere. We have cars. They're like a chair with wheels and you sit in the chair and it takes you where you want to go.
Riana: Could this chair take me to Rivertown?
Paul: No, because you don't have any roads.
Riana: Could it take me up the river?
Paul: No.
Riana: Could it take me across the fields?
Paul: Not without destroying your crops, but...
Riana: These chairs would be of no use in our world.

[Paul observes the Spellbinders' flying ship casting a "spell" over a blighted field]
Paul: They're crop-dusting.
Riana: Come back.
Paul: They're spraying the field with chemicals; poisons to kill the blight. The Spellbinders aren't magicians, they use science, just like in my world.

"Spellbinder: Finding the Way Home (#1.3)" (1997)
Paul Reynolds: I've never seen so many stars. There's the Southern Cross. Wait a minute, you can't see that in the northern hemisphere. I must still be in Australia. And the eclipse yesterday. I must still be in the same year. I haven't gone back in time.
Riana: Now I really don't understand.
Paul Reynolds: Neither do I, but somehow I'm in the same place, and at the same time, but everything's different.

Riana: I know enough to live my life. Why would I want to know anything else?
Paul Reynolds: Because... because if you don't learn, you can't understand how the world works. You can't control your life.
Riana: The Spellbinders control my life.
Paul Reynolds: And don't you care about that?
Riana: Why should I? I'm happy.

Paul Reynolds: If I've gone back in time, how come that Spellbinders have got flying machines? What makes them fly?
Riana: Magic.
Paul Reynolds: There's no such thing as magic.

Paul Reynolds: What's that smell?
Riana: I'm curing rabbit skins.
Paul Reynolds: I don't think the cure is working.

"Spellbinder: Lost and Found (#1.14)" (1995)
Paul Reynolds: That's Sydney. Big, isn't it?
Riana: How many other people live in there?
Katrina Muggleton: Millions.
Riana: How many is that?
Paul Reynolds: More than you've ever dreamed of. I wish Correon could've seen this.

Paul Reynolds: They don't have any schools in Riana's world, either.
Alex: Sounds good to me.
Katrina Muggleton: How do you learn new things?
Riana: We don't. The Spellbinders tell us that new thoughts are dangerous.
Alex: Well, if the Spellbinders won't let you come up with any new ideas, how does the young entrepreneur make any money?
Paul Reynolds: Get ready for a shock, Alex. They don't have any money, either.
Alex: No money... that's sick.

"Spellbinder: Secrets (#1.5)" (1997)
Bron: Where have you been?
Riana: To the summoning tower. Paul wanted me to find his tape, but I couldn't. They don't believe him.
Maran: You must forget Paul.
Riana: But he saved our village.
Maran: He broke the law.
Riana: Then the law is unfair.

Riana: What did you think of Paul's music.
Bron: It sounded like, uh, tortured souls of the dead. But it had good rhythm.

"Spellbinder: Where Am I? (#1.2)" (1997)
[Paul has been captured by Riana]
Paul: If I've trespassed on your land, I'm sorry. I got lost last night. I'm from the school camp. If you take me back there, they'll tell you who I am. My father is an important scientist. If you bring me back, I'll make sure he gives you a reward. You could buy yourself some new clothes.
[pulls sharply on the ropes binding his wrists]
Paul: Listen, you stupid girl! Kidnapping's illegal! If you don't let me go right now, you're in big trouble!
[the solar eclipse begins]
Riana: The Darkness. You have brought the Darkness! Please, Marauder, bring back the sun.
Paul: It's just an eclipse. Don't you go to school? It's just the moon passing in front of the sun.
[Riana looks at the eclipse]
Paul: No, don't look at it!
Riana: Please don't destroy the world. I'm sorry for hurting you. Bring back the sun. Please, bring it back.
Paul: You'll have to untie me.
[Riana complies]
Paul: Good, now take me to the school camp.
Riana: When will you bring back the sun?
Paul: Any second now.
[waits for the eclipse to end]
Paul: Let there be light.

[Paul catches up to Riana at the market]
Riana: Go away!
Paul: What year is this?
Riana: Why do you keep asking these questions?
Paul: Because I think I worked out what's happened to me. I've gone back in time.

"Spellbinder: Alien Invasion (#1.20)" (1997)
Riana: I was lucky to get back here alive. I nearly got eaten by a car.
Ashka: A car?
Riana: They're wild animals. They live in car-parks. Sometimes they escape and run people down. I nearly got gored by a car horn.
Ashka: You're lying. I saw a car on Paul's camera. They're not animals.

"Spellbinder: The High-Tech Power (#1.23)" (1997)
[Paul finds Riana in his bedroom closet]
Paul: What are you doing here?
Riana: Ashka's in your world.
Paul: I know. She's harmless. We destroyed her power suit two days ago.
Riana: But she's got the old Spellbinder book. She's going to use the science of your world to build a stronger power suit. Then she'll go back and defeat the spellbinders. You have to help me stop her.

"Spellbinder: Reunions (#1.19)" (1997)
Ashka: Tell me everything you know about Paul's world.
Riana: I didn't see much. I wasn't there long.
Ashka: But you told Correon that everything is faster and more powerful. That's right, I've been following you ever since you arrived.
Riana: Paul's world is huge. I hardly saw any of it.
Ashka: What about these thinking computers, how do they work?
Riana: It depends on what software you have.
Ashka: I don't understand. What do they look like. Do they have to be fed?
Riana: They're not alive.
Ashka: Could I carry one?
Riana: You can't go to Paul's world.
[Riana makes a break for it, but Ashka catches her]
Riana: You're not going to stop me this time, girl.

"Spellbinder: Flight (#1.26)" (1997)
Paul: If people in my world learn about the doorway and start coming here, who knows what will happen?
Riana: We'll have TV.
Paul: And developers. They'll turn your world into a theme park. Yours of the castle, rides in the flying ships. Spellbinderland. Then you won't be able to afford to live here anymore.
Riana: He's right regent. His world will take over ours. His people are too clever.
Correon: We must make out people clever. We have to share the Spellbinders' knowledge.
Ashka: Don't be a fool, Correon. The Spellbinders will lose their power.
Correon: Things have to change.

"Spellbinder: Spellbinder Jack (#1.12)" (1997)
Paul Reynolds: No, the news is real. It shows all the bad things that happened that day. Like wars and famines and murders.
Riana: I don't think I'd like it in your world.
Paul Reynolds: Well, at least we don't have Spellbinders.