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Quotes for
Ruth Sherwood (Character)
from My Sister Eileen (1942)

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My Sister Eileen (1942)
Ruth Sherwood: i hope some fresh air gropes its way in here - it's stifling!

'The Wreck' Loomis: [holding an iron] Which way do you want the pleats turned?
Ruth Sherwood: Toward Mecca.

Ruth Sherwood: [reading cereal box] Nature's Broom. Gonna have breakfast all day long...
Eileen Sherwood: Oh, but it's good for you. It's roughage.
Ruth Sherwood: I like to vary it with a little smoothage, like a steak!

Ruth Sherwood: [on Grandma buying her a new typewriter] Oh, gee darling, how can i ever repay you?
Grandma Sherwood: Aw, it's simple, just write another 'Gone With The Wind'.
Ruth Sherwood: It's a cinch!

Ruth Sherwood: I'm awful glad you came, officer.
Officer Lonigan: So you're new in this neighborhood, ain't ya?
Ruth Sherwood: Yeah, we just moved in today.
Officer Lonigan: Well, if you're smart, you'll move out tomorrow.

Ruth Sherwood: [frustrated] Well, for a place with a bad location and no neon sign, we're doing a whale of a business!

Ruth Sherwood: [reading from the sample package of 'Natures Broom', a fiber cereal] "Delicious with strawberries and cream". Humph, what isn't?

My Sister Eileen (1955)
Ruth Sherwood: Just what kind of work are you out of, Wreck?