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Kevin Metcalf (Character)
from "The Facts of Life" (1979)

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"The Facts of Life: Two Guys from Appleton (#6.17)" (1985)
Kevin Metcalf: I'm looking for somebody.
Blair Warner: What a coincidence.

Kevin Metcalf: This is so unlike my father, when he says be here on the tenth, he's here on the tenth.
Natalie Green: Today's the ninth.
Kevin Metcalf: Oh you're kidding.

"The Facts of Life: Gone with the Wind: Part 1 (#6.19)" (1985)
Blair Warner: Come on Kevin, I've been cooped up here for days, let's go do something.
Kevin Metcalf: Sorry Blair, I promised Ms. Garrett I'd get this done.
Blair Warner: I'll buy you lunch.
Kevin Metcalf: Sorry.
Blair Warner: I'll buy you a car that'll take us to lunch.
Kevin Metcalf: Blair, it's 4 o'clock.
Blair Warner: I'll buy you a watch that says 12.