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Archibald Craven (Character)
from The Secret Garden (1949)

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The Secret Garden (1993)
Mary: Can I have a bit of earth?
Lord Craven: A bit of earth?
Mary: To plant seeds in. To make things grow.

Mary: Please don't send me away, I won't do any harm.
Lord Craven: Harm? What harm can a child do?

Mrs. Medlock: [greeting Lord Craven] You're home, sir. We weren't expecting you.
Lord Craven: Here I am. Where is my son?
Mrs. Medlock: He's in his room, of course, Your Lordship.
[Martha begins following them to Colin's room]
Mrs. Medlock: Would you get back to the kitchen, you impudent girl!
[Martha walks away]
Lord Craven: [they go to Colin's room, he is not there] Where is MY SON?
Mrs. Medlock: He's here, my Lord. He must be here.
[she begins searching the room]
Lord Craven: [he see's an undraped picture of Lily] What's happened?
Mrs. Medlock: [referring to Mary] It's that child, my Lord. She's created absolute havoc here. I've tried to control her. She must be sent away, my Lord. She'll kill Master Colin... for sure.
Lord Craven: Take me to her room.
Mrs. Medlock: [as they head for Mary's room] She has no regard for his fragile state of health. She does what she pleases.
[she takes out a key to unlock the door]
Lord Craven: You lock her in?
Mrs. Medlock: I've had to, my Lord. That's how wild she is.
[they enter the room]
Mrs. Medlock: Mary? Your Uncle's here.
[they see Mary's bed is empty, she is missing to]
Martha: [standing at the door] I beg your pardon, my Lord.
[he gestures for her to continue]
Martha: Perhaps they're in the garden.
Lord Craven: The garden?
Mrs. Medlock: [nervous chuckle] How can they be? It's quite impossible.
[Craven storms out of the room, Mrs.Medlock follows him]
Mrs. Medlock: I've done my best, sir. I really have. But with that child defying me...
Lord Craven: SILENCE, MEDLOCK! She's just a child. I left YOU in charge.
Mrs. Medlock: [on the verge of tears] I'll resign, sir. I'll leave today.
[Craven walks off to find the children]
Mrs. Medlock: [she breaks down on the staircase, Martha tries to console her] DON'T!
[she calms down, Martha hugs her]
Mrs. Medlock: [sobbing] Martha... Martha.

Lord Craven: You brought us back to life, Mary. You did something I thought no one could do.