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Cmdr. Dwight Lionel Towers (Character)
from On the Beach (1959)

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On the Beach (1959)
Dwight Towers: Well... how'd you recognize me?
Moira Davidson: I love Americans. They're so naive.

[first lines]
Dwight Towers: Prepare to surface.

Dwight Towers: Mr. Osborne, he's doing a good job for us. He's not used to this kind of duty. He's not feeling well; just a little claustrophobia.
Lungren: Beg your pardon, sir?
Dwight Towers: Professor needs a drink.

Moira Davidson: You know, I think I've discovered why you fascinate me. Shall I tell you?
Dwight Towers: Uh-huh.
Moira Davidson: Because you take me for granted. I know women aren't supposed to like that sort of thing, but somehow I do. I've been treated in every other way. Like a child. And sometimes like - well, like things I've probably deserved. But I've never been pushed around in - in such a nice way and treated something like a wife. - - I suppose what I mean is - like an American wife.

Moira Davidson: You're looking for me.
Moira Davidson: Am I?
Dwight Towers: I'm Moira Davidson. M-O-I-R-A. It was a very fashionable name when... my mother was young and impressionable. I'm a throwback.

Dwight Towers: Where's Holmes?
Moira Davidson: Oh, he's decking the halls with holly. He sent me for better or worse.
Dwight Towers: Better, I'd say.
Moira Davidson: I'm your date - or, whatever you call it.

Dwight Towers: Is there a place where I might stop where I can get a little breakfast?
Moira Davidson: What?
Dwight Towers: A little breakfast.
Moira Davidson: Do you mean that in addition to everything else, I have to watch you eat bacon and eggs and all that muck?

Moira Davidson: All I want to know is: if everybody was so smart, why didn't they know what would happen?
Dwight Towers: They did.
Moira Davidson: Well, I - I can't take it. I - oh, yes, I can take it! But, it's unfair. It's unfair because I didn't do anything. And nobody I know did anything.

Moira Davidson: A very nice man asked me to wait here. I don't think he knew what to do with me.
Dwight Towers: That's debatable.

Dwight Towers: [to Moira] Well, you can't go down in a submarine in that ballet costume.

Moira Davidson: When the dentist is drilling your tooth, what do you think about? The nicest thing or sex or what?
Dwight Towers: Fishing. Trout fishing - in a clean mountain stream.

Dwight Towers: Is your invitation to spread a little fertilizer still open?
Moira Davidson: [Smiles, laughs] Can you stay for a few day?

On the Beach (2000) (TV)
Cmdr. Dwight Towers: I carried warheads on my boat. That is correct. I was damn proud of it too. I served my country the best way I know how. And the only question I ask myself these days and I'm asking it every single millisecond now whatever the hell's left of what I've got, if where was I, where were you? Where were any of us? 'Cause I don't know what the hell two insane nations were doing facing each other down all those years. All that had to be done was that the brains, you know, the rational minds, the so-called best, you know all they had to do was just come, just come, come to the tables, negotiate, break a little bread. Do you know we had a combined arsenal of sixty-five thousand nuclear warheads. I have failed to find the logic in that. No logic.