Nurse Dixie McCall
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Nurse Dixie McCall (Character)
from "Emergency!" (1972)

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"Emergency!: On Camera (#5.12)" (1975)
Dixie McCall, R.N.: How's the filming coming?
Paramedic John Gage: Not bad, not bad at all. You know what she wants to do? She wants to a special show on just what firefighters do in their off-time. Me included.
Dixie McCall, R.N.: Can they show that on TV?

"Emergency!: Helpful (#2.12)" (1972)
Dr. Varner: [On radio, to Gage] Give him 10 milligrams MSIV
[morphine sulfate IV]
Dr. Varner: .
Firefighter: Uh, Rampart, confirm that last medication? Ten milligrams, MSIV.?
Dr. Varner: That's correct.
[to Nurse McCall]
Dr. Varner: What's the matter with those firemen?
Nurse Dixie McCall: Doctor, the patient has a head injury.
[to Gage]
Nurse Dixie McCall: 51, stand by on that last instruction.
Firefighter: 10-4.
Dr. Varner: Right you are.
[to Gage]
Dr. Varner: Cancel the MS for now. Let me know if the pain becomes severe.
Firefighter: 10-4. Cancel MS.
Dr. Varner: Thank you, Nurse. That's two I owe you.
Nurse Dixie McCall: I'll send you a bill.

"Emergency!: The Exam (#6.7)" (1976)
Molly: You know, it - It's funny. When Dick was first assigned to the 51, he used to come home all the time and talk about all of you here. I was jealous of you for a while. You know, I knew I'd like Joe Early, but I wasn't so sure about Kel. The way Dick described him, he sounded sooo efficient, cold almost. I expected him to be an ogre.
Dixie McCall, R.N.: [smiling] Well, there's some nurses here who just might agree to that!

"Emergency!: The Old Engine (#3.2)" (1973)
Kelly Brackett, M.D., F.A.C.S.: [about Bob Hurley, who took exception to being fed intravenously after abdominal surgery] He's got the constitution of a horse.
Dixie McCall, R.N.: And an appetite to match. What are we gonna do with him?
Kelly Brackett, M.D., F.A.C.S.: Try to keep him calm and conned at least until he makes some kind of recovery.
Dixie McCall, R.N.: Recovery? He's in better shape than most healthy people!
Kelly Brackett, M.D., F.A.C.S.: Well, don't worry. Our hospital food'll take care of that.

"Emergency!: The Wedsworth-Townsend Act (#1.0)" (1972)
Nurse Dixie McCall: Kell.
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: Yes?
Nurse Dixie McCall: 51 on the link.
[indicates communication radio link to field paramedics]
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: What do they want?
Nurse Dixie McCall: Help.
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: [into transmitter link] 51, go.
Paramedic Roy DeSoto: [over biophone] We have a male, tunnel worker, approximate age 60, was trapped under a digging machine. Patient had a cardiac history. He is now diaphoretic. Vital signs: 80 over 50; rate: 100 and irregular; respirations: 12 and shallow.
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: Do you have your EKG hooked up?
Paramedic Roy DeSoto: Affirmitive, doctor.
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: Send me something so I can get a reading.
[turns on EKG printer]
Paramedic Roy DeSoto: This will be Lead 2.
[turns on ELG transmitter]
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: [reads EKG strip] Multiple PVC's.
[sees reading change]
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: V-Tac.
[reading changes again]
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: He's starting to fibrillate.
[to DeSoto]
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: Defibrillate! 400 watt/seconds!
Nurse Dixie McCall: Kell! They're not authorized to...
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: [into link] Are you receiving? Come on, 51! You've got a dying man on your hands.
Paramedic Roy DeSoto: Doctor, if we administer shock and we lose him...
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: You're losing him right now!
Paramedic Roy DeSoto: You said yourself it wasn't worth risking the program for one case!
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: I just heard from Walski in Sacramento. The bill passed late last night.
Nurse Dixie McCall: Kell... You never heard from Walski.
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: Yeah, well I should have.
Nurse Dixie McCall: Do you know what you're doing? If that bill doesn't pass Kell, they'll crucify you.
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: [looking at EKG strip] I don't care about that. We're not at a party or talking to a committee. That man's dead right now.
[into communication link]
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: Zap him, dammit! Zap him!
Paramedic Roy DeSoto: [watches as Gage applies the defibrillator paddles to the man's chest] 400 watt/seconds!
[Gage shocks him]
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: [reads strip] No conversion.
[into link]
Dr. Kelly Brackett M.D.: Hit him again!
Paramedic Roy DeSoto: 400 watt/seconds!
[Gage shocks the man again. At the hospital, Brackett sees the EKG adopt a normal rhythm]